March Chapel: Forgiveness

This week, Caio (3rd Grade) started our chapel time with prayer before our 4th grade class sang the song “Alive,” teaching everyone the motions! The remaining worship time was filled with chapel favorites like “The Fruit of the Spirit.” So much joy filled the sanctuary during our worship time, and Pastor Will encouraged students to “Be true to who God made you to be…let it go and worship.”

Pastor Will then continued teaching on our March chapel theme: forgiveness. Specifically, he spoke about the parable of the prodigal son from Luke 15.  No matter how “stinky” we are, God forgives us when we return to Him in repentance. If God can forgive our “stinkiness” (sin), we should be willing to forgive those in our lives that make mistakes, too.

We loved learning about forgiveness and look forward to continuing the theme next week!

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