Letter from School President

Dear Foundation Family,

We are excited to announce that we are starting construction for our new athletic complex! We are in for permit, and the negotiations with contractors are being finalized. The exact date of our groundbreaking ceremony will be announced next week, but we plan for it to take place the first week of May.

red_crossIn preparation for the upcoming construction, we’ve begun prep work that includes measuring and marking the field. When we placed an X to mark the 50 yard line, I noticed the X is actually a cross and the color of the marking paint is red. With Easter approaching, I thought about the blood on the cross and the empty tomb–about the new life offered to us because of Jesus’ sacrifice. And here we are beginning a new chapter in the history of Foundation Academy.

This is just phase one of a multi-phase project to support our continuing growth, and we still need donations and gifts in kind to see this project through its completion. If you or someone you know is interested in partnering with us, please contact the school. This really is an exciting time to be a Lion!

Thank you for being part of the Foundation Family, and we wish you all a wonderful Easter season!


Dave_croppedDave Buckles
Foundation Academy President
“Building a Foundation for Life”

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