Interview with Miss Laughridge

HSM_photo1Andrew J recently sat down with Miss Laughridge, director of FA’s Disney’s High School Musical Jr. Here is their interview!

How have the play practices gone so far?

As with any show, we have had our ups and downs, but the cast has really pulled it together these past few weeks and we are ready for opening night!

What is different about directing a school play compared to other plays you have directed or been a part of?

I am used to working with performers who have been in the theatre for a long time and students who are geared towards a career in theatre. What’s different about working on a high school production is working with a lot of kids who have never done anything like this before. So, in addition to directing, I’m also having to teach some of the basics. But I’m thrilled to see so many students who are new to drama participating in the show!

What has been your most enjoyable part of the play?

My favorite part is yet to come. There is something almost magical about opening night. Theatre is a performance art that requires an audience–the audience is the final piece to the puzzle. When the curtain rises and the cast members hear the first round of applause, that’s the moment we have all worked so hard for. That’s my favorite part.

What has proven to be the most difficult aspect of the play?

Sharing space is always a challenge. Our gym not only houses our sports, but it also serves as a lunch room and a theatre. The space was not designed to be a theatrical setting so the acoustics do not match the theatrical standards, but thanks to the help of John Grosshans we have found a way around this. Several students volunteered their time to record the ensemble numbers on a track. John then added their voices to the music and created a backing track to help amplify the voices. The soloist will still be singing live, but the ensemble (who do not have mics) will have the support they need to make their voices heard in the gym.

Disney’s High School Musical opens Thursday, April 20th and runs through Saturday, April 22nd. Tickets are available now by clicking here!

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