Lower School Chapel: Humility

IMG_2274This week, our prayer warrior Bella (1st grade) started off our chapel time, and Jarian Felton led our worship time with the help of the 5th grade classes and the 6th grade Music Crew. Worship included a modified flash mob and the song “Happy,” which left us all smiling and ready to listen to Pastor Will.

Before Pastor Will began his message, he brought Miss Reynolds to the “Hot Seat” for an interview. During the course of the interview we discovered that Miss Reynold’s mom, who is also on staff at FA, is her hero and best friend. FA truly is family!

After the interview, Pastor Will continued teaching on humility. Specifically, he shared that we need to humbly allow the Holy Spirit to speak through us, even when we aren’t sure what to say. The Bible tells us that “the Holy Spirit will teach you at that time what you should say.” (Luke 12:12 NIV).IMG_2331 Pastor Will went on to remind us that our personal story of knowing Jesus is powerful, and we need to share our story with others as a testimony of who our God is. In closing, Pastor Will prayed that our Heavenly Father would use His Holy Spirit to open our eyes, that we would come to know Him more, and that our relationships with Him would grow deeper.

We all left encouraged of God’s love for us and with a greater understanding of humility. We look forward to learning more together next week!

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