FA Student Trains Service Dog

DSC02008Ashton K knew she wanted to train service dogs since the age of seven. “I read something in a magazine about puppy training around that time,” Ashton explained. And since then, she has wholeheartedly pursued her dream. Ashton has signed up with New Horizons Service Dogs, Inc, took classes on training service dogs, and even trained her family pet to show her parents she was ready for the task ahead.

Now, at sixteen, all of Ashton’s hard work has paid off. Earlier this year New Horizons Service Dogs, Inc gave her Duchess, a golden retriever. “I’ve had Duchess since she was 8 weeks old,” Ashton said. “She’s six months old now, and I’ll have her for another two to four months.” By the time Duchess leaves Ashton’s care, she’ll be ready and equipped to help those with disabilities.DSC02011

When asked about her motivation behind helping others in this unique way, Ashton explained, “I’ve always loved animals.” We couldn’t be more proud of how Ashton has used her area of passion to help others. She truly embodies what it means to be a Lion!

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