Ice Cream Social for New Families

We want our new families to know that Foundation Academy is FAMILY! We enjoyed welcoming many of our new families at our first event of the summer, an Ice Cream Social at the Leiferman Family Gym on Thursday, June 8th. The new families came in and received a special gift–along with a photo opp!

The Fine Arts League table was their first stop where they learned how to become involved in FA fine arts while receiving their bowl and spoon for their ice cream . Next, they stopped at the PAWS table, learned how to get involved, and chose their ice cream. And the final stop for our new families was the Athletic Booster Club table where they learned how to support athletics and promote school spirit–while receiving their ice cream toppings. New families also met our administration and had an opportunity to purchase spirit gear and uniforms!

Our next New Family Event will be Thursday, July 13th at 10:00 AM where we will be hosting doughnuts and coffee! We hope to see you there!

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