Back to School Tips!

Our Lower School Principal Angel Whitehead recently read an article by Dr. Kathy Koch with insightful back to school tips. We wanted to share Dr. Kathy’s valuable information with our families, so please enjoy her article below!

“For some school districts, school will start again in two weeks! Where did the summer go? It went by so fast. Did you do everything you wanted to? Are you trying to squeeze the last beach time, camping trip, family picnics, water park day and museum visit into the time you have left?

Don’t let the beginning of school shock your kids back to reality. Prepare yourself and your kids for their next round of learning by doing some of these suggestions:

  • Start conversations about the grade they will be entering. The teacher, any special events this class does, classmates. Will they be changing teachers and classrooms this year, be on a new playground, entering a new school …
  • Wake up your child’s brain. If they haven’t been reading, find a book and do it with them, go to the library and discover new books around topics they’re interested in, get out the math flashcards, …
  • Ask them what they want to do better this year, what new activities can they participate in, will all their friends be back,
  • Get your kids back on an early to bed and up earlier schedule a week before school starts.
  • Shop for school supplies and let them choose their own.
  • If you have a child entering middle school, especially a girl, keep talking about friends and how to treat each other, and that sometimes there are disagreements. Let her know she can always talk with you in confidence. If they need a padlock for their locker be sure they know how to work it quickly and easily. Talk about the school’s and your dress code,
  • Let them know you love them, are proud of them and confident they will do their best this year.
  • Make a prayer list of things to pray for and pray together for all their concerns.”

*To read more from Dr. Kathy, check out Celebrate Kids!*

We hope you found this article helpful! Know that your FA faculty and staff are praying for your children as we get ready for the big day next week!

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