High School Retreat

We kicked off our 2017-18 school year at the Upper School with a retreat for our high schoolers at Camp Anderson in Old Town, Florida! “The purpose of the retreat is coming together as a school,” Karla Carson, Upper School Instructor and Student Government Sponsor, explained. “It gets the students in the right frame of mind to start the school year off strong both spiritually and academically.”

And the retreat did just that. Senior Alicia D had this to say about her time at Camp Anderson: “I learned our plans aren’t what matters–it’s God’s plan that matters. So we should be striving to follow His plan, not ours.” Connor C, a fellow senior, agreed that the retreat impacted him. “My favorite parts were the services–the messages in them. I left the camp knowing that seniors need to be leaders in the school this year.”

We are so thankful our students left with tangible takeaways that will influence their year–and life–ahead. “We bring our students to a camp where they experience God,” our School President Dave Buckles said. To that end, several Lions accepted Christ and even more re-committed their lives to Him. “And that’s why we do what we do,” said President Buckles.

Thank you to everyone who made this retreat such a memorable one. We’re already looking forward to the retreat for 7th and 8th graders on September 1st!

Please enjoy the photo gallery below!

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