Joshua Expeditions CEO

In Chapel at the Upper School this week, we had the privilege of hearing from Amir Mahadi, Co-Founder and CEO of Joshua Expeditions. Mr. Mahadi told our students about his life story, which began in Iran.

Mr. Mahadi and his family lived in great wealth in Iran, but were forced to flee their home during the Islamic Revolution of 1979. They lost everything and lived as refugees in Italy before later moving to the US. Once there, a fellow student invited Mr. Mahadi to play on his basketball team. The team was part of a church league and soon Mr. Mahadi gave his life to Christ.

Mr. Mahadi then attended Baylor University and eventually started Joshua Expeditions, a non-profit Christian organization. According to their website, “Joshua Expeditions exists for the purpose of assisting Christian organizations to inspire purpose, develop leaders, and share Christ through travel.” The organization now serves those in Latin America, Europe, China, the Caribbean, and many other regions as well.

The impact that Mr. Mahadi has had on our world through the power of God’s work in his life is truly incredible. And all because a fellow student invited him to play basketball. Mr. Mahadi challenged our students to simply be available to God’s call. “As long as you’re available, God will use you,” he said.

This is definitely proven true by the life of Mr. Mahadi. We are so thankful to have heard from him, and encourage you to check out Joshua Expeditions to learn more about the life-changing work of this organization.

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