Grandparents’ Day 2017

Our Grandparents’ Day Celebration is always a highlight of the school year–and this year’s Grandparents’ Day on Friday, October 6th was no exception! Grandparents enjoyed a delicious breakfast of pastries, pinwheel sandwiches, fruit and coffee while students presented songs, pledges, and our student creed. We also had prizes for the grandparent who had traveled the farthest and for grandparents who were the oldest and the youngest. Our oldest grandparent was 100! 

After the breakfast, grandparents traveled to their grandchildren’s classrooms to play games and answer fun questions. The glow on each child’s face showed just how special the event was to every one of our young Lions. And the day ended with grandparents receiving free admission to the Homecoming game! FA really is family and celebrating with family is the best!

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