A Historic Discussion

On Monday, October 9th some esteemed guests visited our Upper School. Alexander Hamilton, Thomas Pain, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, Abigail Adams, George Washington, and Samuel Adams all sat down for a lively discussion! Darrell Davis, our Upper School History Instructor, arranged this “meeting of the minds” for his AP US History class. His students, dressed as these famous figures, met to discuss issues relating to the early republic.

“I think it teaches them perspective,” said Mr. Davis of the historic discussion. “Students can put themselves in someone else’s place–someone who lived in the 1790s.” And the students did just that, with a particularly dynamic exchange between our Thomas Pain and Abigail Adams regarding the government’s use of temporary measures during times of crises.

This unique learning experience made an impression on the students, who stayed in character and showed how much they’ve already learned about the early republic. We’re thankful for teachers like Mr. Davis who bring lessons to life for our students. And he’s already planning another historic discussion for our students with the likes of President Andrew Jackson!

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