Treasures and Stewardship

Chapel at the Lower School started off with our Prayer Warrior, Abby (4th), focusing our hearts on the Lord through prayer. Then students, teachers, and a parent led everyone in a fun favorite, “Father Abraham,” followed by three other worship songs. 

As we continue with our month’s theme of stewardship, Pastor Will reminded us to take care of the stuff we have because it all belongs to God. He illustrated this by filling bags with stuff that means something to him. He then invited six students on stage to help discover what the bags contained. They discovered the bags all held things with significant value to Pastor Will. He takes care of these items because each one means something to him. When Pastor Will shares his valuables with others, he wants them to take care and be good stewards of his stuff. 

He closed his message with the Parable of the Talents, found in Matthew 25:14-30. (Click here to see Pastor Will’s teaching!) The story taught us that since everything belongs to God, we need to use our stuff wisely. In this way, we can be good stewards.

We look forward to learning more together about stewardship next week!

Written by Debra Winningham

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