Diary of Anne Frank

Our Upper School Drama Department gave a moving performance of The Diary of Anne Frank last weekend–October 19th, 20th, and 21st. According to the director, Patti Cogburn, she chose this play because “I love historical plays and plays about relationships; the play is both. When I first read the book I was in middle school. It was eye-opening and life impacting. Ever since, learning about the Holocaust and the effects on the surviving Jews have been of great interest to me.”

The play is based on the diary kept by Anne Frank during the Nazi occupation of the Netherlands. Anne’s story has particular importance to 10th grader Abigail D who played the title character. “I grew up loving Anne Frank,” Abigail said. “I did a report on her in the 5th grade.” Abigail went on to explain how important it was for her to play a character who had actually lived. “I wanted to do Anne justice. She was a real person–a real teenager girl.”

Abigail’s heartfelt performance–and the dedicated performances of every cast member–impacted everyone who saw the play, including our students. “It showed me a different perspective on the Holocaust,” explained 11th grader Jonathan R. “Before, I thought about it factually, intellectually. After seeing the play, I started to think of it more on an individual basis–how the Holocaust affected people individually.”

Thank you to the Drama Department for providing our students with the gift of a different perspective. The story clearly resonated among the audiences. “The cast and crew dug deep inside to make this play one of the most memorable in FA theatre history,” said director Patti Cogburn. We agree and are so thankful to all who were involved!

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