Chapel with Pastor Ryan

Chapel at the Upper School this week was all about remembering the basics! Our Praise Band opened our time together with powerful songs including “King of My Heart.” We then heard from Pastor Ryan of FBC of Winter Garden who started with a simple statement: We need to listen to God and follow Him. Which leads to the question, how do we listen to God?

Pastor Ryan suggested two primary ways that help us better hear from God: reading scripture and praying. He then illustrated this point with the help of student-volunteer Gabe. Pastor Ryan blindfolded Gabe and asked him to find his way back to his seat with no help. Understandably, Gabe had some trouble. Then, Pastor Ryan had Gabe try again with this one major difference: Pastor Ryan would be guiding Gabe back to his seat through his words. Sure enough, Gabe found his seat. In the same way, we find our way when we listen for God’s voice and direction in our lives. “My sheep listen to my voice; I know them, and they follow me.” (John 10:27)

Thank you to Pastor Ryan for highlighting the basics of following God in such a memorable way. We are praying for our Haiti team while they serve overseas and look forward to hearing from them when they return!

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