Lower School Awards Chapel

The end of our journey is now in sight, and we are running full speed towards the finish line! Even though the excitement of a well-deserved break is strong, it doesn’t lessen the emotions that come with change. This change comes in the form of kindergartners who look more like first graders and 6th graders ready to tackle a new adventure! Teachers reflect on those first days of school and just how far each child has come. They know that like years before, the smiling faces that walk through their doors will not be forgotten. 

Today, our FAmily gathered together for the final Chapel of the year. It was a time of celebration and ‘see you laters.’ Chloe F in Mrs. Lewis’s class was the prayer warrior. We learned that she has a kind heart and a love for others. Her prayer helped to start our Chapel and point our focus towards Christ. 

ACSI awards were presented and AR points were added up. Many students received recognition for their accomplishments, and their fellow Lions cheered them on. (For a complete list of recognition for ACSI participants in the Spelling Bee, Math Olympics, Creative Writing Festival, and AR Rewards Trip, please click here!) Our current 6th grade class then passed the baton to our 5th graders and tears were shed as they took their new place in the balcony.

We thanked Will Blaine for simply being our Pastor Will. There will never be another person quite like him and that’s okay! God makes everyone unique and places them in our path for a season. While he will be greatly missed, we know that the next season holds more potential than we can imagine! We hope you enjoy the photos of our celebration below!

Written by Amanda Donaho




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