Truth and Love

This week’s Upper School chapel began with a karaoke battle between Mr. Bailey, Mrs. Peabody, senior Felipe F. and 8th grader Kayla D. After voting by applause, the students selected Mr. Bailey as the winner!

After the karaoke, our student praise band came up and led our students in an energetic worship time. Senior Logan S. led the students in a new song.

Pastor Ken spoke this week about “Truth and Love”. He used the verse Ephesians 4:15, which is about speaking the truth in love in order to build up the body of Christ. Part of maturing into the body of Christ is knowing how to communicate with our brothers and sisters in Christ, being able to confront each other in a loving way. We need to be sure that we avoid speaking truth without love, or speaking love without truth, because truth and love go hand-in-hand.

Below is a gallery of images from this week’s Upper School chapel.

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