What can a Game Show teach about Contentment?

October 31st Chapel was full of instruments!  Our High School band visited our campus and shared their halftime music.  Our students loved listening and dancing along. Many of them expressed excitement for being a part of band in the future. 

Game Show Chapel Teaches Contentment

Mrs. Alley is assisted by Reagan and Oscar.

Our prayer warrior for the week is Abigail from Mrs. Markham’s 4th grade class.  We learned that she has a cat named Spooky and is a strong leader in her class.  She led us in a beautiful prayer to begin our weekly lesson. 

Alley helped to wrap up our monthly theme on Contentment.  The children learned about Moses leading the Israelites out of slavery.  When the Israelites showed discontentment, Moses continued to serve God faithfully.  Reagan and Oscar from 5th grade helped with the game show activity where we learned quite a few facts about Florida!  We learned that people on game shows can have similar reactions to the Israelites being rescued.  Many contestants on a game show keep reaching for more after winning a big prize because they were not content with what they had.  The Israelites kept reaching for more after this huge miracle from God.

Written by Amanda Donaho.

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