Nerf Bible Jeopardy

Hudson in Mrs. Dunn’s 1st grade was our prayer warrior for Chapel on January 16, 2019. We learned that he loves m&m’s and has a new kitten. He lights up the classroom and loves his friends. Thank you, Hudson, for being a positive example for others each day. 
Adam’s Road helped lead our chapel and brought a copy of their new cd for each student. They lead us in worship and shared messages of Christ’s love for us. To wrap up, they hosted the first ever Nerf Bible Jeopardy! The kids loved it and they brushed up on their Bible trivia in the process. Be sure to ask your student how to play this fun new game!
Thank you, Adam’s Road, for sharing with us Christ’s love and showing us fun ways to learn about the Bible!  
Enjoy the photo gallery of Adam’s Road’s visit to Lower School Chapel below.
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