Students Learn About Upper Campus Expansion

With the announcement of expansion during the 2019 State of the Academy, many students were wondering what that was going to look like for them. During the month of February, Mr. Buckles, President of Foundation Academy, joined with Upper School faculty to find the best way to help our students learn about the Upper Campus Expansion. 

Mr. Buckles spent several days visiting all of the science classes in order to reach as many students as possible. He explained the planned expansion to the students, breaking down the steps from idea to final product. Students were intrigued by the design and permitting processes, environmental studies, and approval meetings that all have to happen before Foundation Academy even breaks ground! Foundation Academy Upper Campus Expansion

For our high school students, Mr. Buckles was able to help them understand the process by relating it to them preparing for college. First, you have an idea of what you want to do. Second, you search for the college that will give you the right schooling. Third, you see what is necessary to apply for your desired schools and take tests to help your chances. Fourth, you take the test scores and your transcript and apply to your chosen colleges. You wait to be accepted. After receiving an acceptance letter, going through orientation, and signing up for classes, you are finally able to step foot on a college campus for your first day of classes. The expansion planning process is very similar. 

When explained in this way, Mr. Buckles mentioned how it was like a “light bulb went off” to the students. They began to ask more questions. Mr. Buckles loved being able to interact with the students in this way. During the question-answer portions, Mr. Buckles joked with the students that those who engaged would be treated to lunch. At least the students thought it was a joke. At the end of March, Mr. Buckles surprised those students with lunch in the Upper Campus conference room! 

Thank you, Mr. Buckles, for taking time to connect with our students in this way. Please enjoy the photo gallery below of Mr. Buckles’ talks with the students, and the “VIP Lunch” group!

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