FA Football Visits VA Hospital

On April 30, our Varsity Football team visited the VA Hospital located in Tampa, Florida. During their visit, players met with many veterans who had been injured overseas. They listened to the veterans’ stories, and about how life has changed since returning home. Some veterans cannot return to their houses because the building is not handicap accessible.

Hospital staff also let the players experience a little bit of what the veterans go through every day. They each had a turn in a wheel chair and were shown how to properly navigate using it. The boys made it fun, each attempting to “pop-a-wheelie” when it was their turn. 

At Chapel the following Thursday, Michael L, Chai C, and Scotty W spoke of how the day impacted them. They spoke about how the veterans’ stories inspired them, and how they each had a new perspective of the word “sacrifice”.

Varsity Football coach Brad Lord shared, “Our theme this year for our football team is One Unit. Using the movie When The Game Stands Tall as inspiration, we decided to schedule a trip to the VA Hospital to educate and encourage our team and start our spring season off strongBeing a past AP US history teacher I feel our military men and women that stand and guard our freedom everyday are taken for granted.  I wanted our players to understand the drive, commitment, and heart that these veterans have. Another reason that we chose this venue was  we wanted our boys to see the perseverance that the Wounded Warriors have. Our team went through a very emotional time last season after Bailey’s accident.  I wanted all of our players to witness that with faith, hard work, belief in ones self, and determination that even faced with great obstacles these obstacles can be overcome. It was also great to see the new science that is being used to help better the lives of people who can’t walk. Our biggest impact was that we were reminded not to take for granted the gifts that God gave us. Mr. and Mrs. Corcoran, current FA parents, were incredible hosts and amazing inspirations. Mr. Corcoran is a wounded warrior from the Army Rangers. As they traveled to the hospital, Mrs. Corcoran shared her story of how her husbands experiences affected their family.   The team was riveted by what she shared and it helped set the tone for the trip.  During the visit, Mr. Corcoran shared his story and how it has impacted his life and others and they were equally riveted and moved by what he shared.”

Please enjoy the photo gallery below of their visit.  You can see by their faces that the boys were soaking in the impact of what these veterans have been through and go through each day.

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