6th Grade Breaks Reading Records!

Foundation Academy Reading RecordThis may look like an ordinary library in an ordinary classroom, but it certainly isn’t! Mrs. Christy Higgs started an experimental reading program this year with her 68 sixth grade Foundation Academy students. At the beginning of the school year, the students were told that they would no longer have to read just to fulfill their assigned reading goals as part of their Language Arts grade. Mrs. Higgs gave them the choice to read ANYTHING they wanted. They simply had to mark a sticker chart and log how many books and what genre they were reading from.

There were, of course, some some friendly competitions and fun incentives along the way, but no grades were counted. Every day, time was taken to have 15 minutes of silent reading from the book of their choice. The students were excited to learn today that they had read 2,334 books this school year! And not to mention, their Terra Nova reading scores were higher than ever before!

Reading is the window to the world and the sky is the limit! Stay tuned for next school year and see if this record can be beat!!

Thank you to Mrs. Higgs and all of our amazing instructors at Foundation Academy, who are constantly finding new and creative ways to engage our students in the classroom!

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