6th Grade Studies Ancient History

6th grade students have had ancient history come to life in Mrs. Emanuel’s History class. Fun and engaging projects such as “Piecing Together the Past” and creating an alphabet have given the students a glimpse into how archeologists study ancient civilizations.
In the “Piecing together the Past” project, students were taken outside to work in groups to work as archaeologists. They were given random “pieces” from a puzzle and had to work together to figure out what the “picture” was. Students learned that archaeologists often do not have the full “picture” of the past and must often make educated guesses based on the “pieces” they find.
In the alphabet project, students learned to write like the Sumerians. They were instructed to develop their own alphabet using symbols and write a message in clay for another group to translate. Like the Sumerians, students did not have access to pens and paper. They could only use clay for writing their messages.
Enjoy the gallery of photos from their projects below! Foundation Academy is blessed with so many talented instructors who strive to make learning fun and engaging for our students.
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