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See what our parents are saying about choosing Foundation Academy.

Foundation Academy Parent Testimonials – 2018 State of the Academy from Foundation Academy on Vimeo.

“We originally enrolled our oldest son in K5 on a recommendation from his preschool teacher. As new parents we researched all of our options in order to provide our young son with the greatest opportunities in his education. I remember the parent tour as if it were yesterday. Eleven years later we now have two sons, fourth grade and tenth grade, attending Foundation Academy.

What began primarily as an educational choice has evolved into a life choice. Education is only a part of our children’s journey, and Foundation has provided excellent academics. More importantly we have entrusted the faculty and administration to not only educate our children, but to do so with the heart of Jesus. You will find many schools providing excellent education, however it is the heart of Foundation Academy that sets it apart from the others. I have peace knowing that the individuals instructing my children are not only teaching them Math, Science, English and History, but far more importantly they are showing my children love, acceptance and grace.”

            — D. Harrison


“FA has awesome coaches who are training my son to meet his athletic potential. But most importantly, FA is working on the man my son will become. This effort is what makes our school special. In all things, it is being reinforced to my son that character, integrity, and honor matters. I want him to have financial success, but I also judge a successful life as an honorable life, where he is a good husband and friend, and a good father to my grandbabies. In learning to be a man of character, he will learn to be his best, which in turn will help him to seek academic and athletic achievement.

My son is in 8th grade and sports and academics get more challenging every year, as they should. He loves all sports and plays every season. In academics, high grades did not come naturally, and he has to work to achieve the honor roll. What I love about FA is that he WANTS to work to achieve the honor roll. The peer pressure is to be a good student, to take challenging classes and to do your best. He is a hard worker on the field, and the coaches and teachers are teaching him to transfer that work ethic to the classroom. The school is making him work for it and prove his commitment. To be in a Robotics program, he had to interview with the staff and identify why he would be a productive and beneficial member of thAlso, he wanted to be in 4 honors classes, but due to his lack of effort the year before (he learned about long term consequences), he could only take two. He met with the teachers and made a commitment to improve his work ethic.

These kinds of lessons will benefit the man he will become. Meeting with teachers and being interviewed are not natural for him, but my son was given courage by FA’s community of mentors and THANK YOU!!”

         — D. Mead Hall


“We have been so fortunate and blessed to have found Foundation Academy. We had been seeking for a private school that offered not only a strong academic program, but also one who would partner with us to educate our children in a safe, loving and nurturing Christian environment.

Having four children, each having individual and unique needs, it wasn’t an easy task to find a school that would fulfill these. One of our children has learning difficulties, and looking at various schools, we couldn’t find any that would address our child’s needs specifically. What really caught our attention was the educational therapy program, the Discovery Program of NILD (National Institute of Learning Development). After researching what this educational therapy was all about, knowing it’s a one-on-one method and not tutorial, we felt that it would be a perfect fit for our child’s needs. As we start the third year with the Discovery Program, we now have a very happy, self-confident, independent student, who is doing beautifully academically! Praise God!

Our children couldn’t be happier! We couldn’t be happier! Foundation Academy feels like an extension of our family. Because of the teacher’s, therapist’s, and the administration’s dedication and genuine interest in helping our children, we feel that we chose the right school for our family.”

     – Dr. D. Serafin


“It was with great thought that we decided to research the private schools in Orlando. The massive size of the high schools, quality of education, and social experiences were weighing on us. We decided that our son deserved better, and we were very excited to find that the “best kept secret in southwest Orlando” was just 10 minutes away, Foundation Academy.

Prior to making our decision we talked to people in the community, researched statistics, and visited schools in the area. Our son was a part of the search, because we felt it was important that he be part of the process. It was a unanimous decision to select Foundation.

We toured the FA campus and were allowed a full tour of the classrooms and facilities. We were impressed with faculty, students, and staff. It was evident from the first step on campus that this was a very special place. You just know in your heart when something is a fit. Foundation Academy was a fit.

We could not be more pleased with the level of education, communication, and dedication of the staff and administration at Foundation Academy. FA offers many opportunities including on-campus college and university seminars, SAT /ACT Prep workshops, dual enrollment, AP/Honors courses driving classroom technology, opportunities for mentoring and internships, and fellowship and family.

Foundation Academy is the complete package for a well-rounded education. We worried that the adjustment would be difficult; however we were surprised at how quickly our son made friends and became part of the Foundation family. The advantages include that one-on-one with the teachers, timely communication, respectfulness, athletic opportunities/experiences, mission trips, and a strong moral code that will help guide our children’s lives and spiritual journey.”

        — S. & J. Ott

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