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Foundation Academy offers tuition assistance to students in grades K through 12 whose families demonstrate a financial need through our third-party vendor, FACTS. An application for admission should be completed at the same time as the application for financial aid, as a student will not be awarded aid unless they are being offered admission at FA. Income information is required for both parents, even if they are in separate households. The financial aid committee will review the aid recommendation from FACTS and make a final award determination based on the demonstrated need and the available financial aid funds.  Tuition Assistance for the 2019-2020 school year is now closed.  Tuition Assistance will open for the 2020-2021 school year in January of 2020.  FACTS Link

It is the desire of Foundation Academy to make our school accessible to those who value the excellent Christian education and additional programs offered.  However, as a member of the FHSAA, Foundation Academy is not permitted to offer scholarships for merit, sports, or other areas.  Foundation Academy follows the guidelines for only offering tuition assistance to those families who demonstrate financial need as noted above.

Additional Assistance Options:

Step Up For Students – FTC

The Florida Tax Credit (FTC) scholarship from Step Up is a state-funded school choice program based on financial need. This must be applied for separately and once approved, the award letter should be brought in to the office or included with the student’s application. This program awards up to $7,111 of tuition for the qualifying student dependent upon the student’s grade and family income level.  The family is responsible for the remainder of the tuition cost. Foundation Academy has a cap on the number of Step Up students we can enroll.  Please check with the admissions office before applying.
** Please note that Step Up has four different scholarship programs and Foundation Academy is currently set up to take only the FTC option.

Link for info: http://www.stepupforstudents.org/


A state-funded school choice program based on a student’s 504 or IEP plan from a Florida public school. Foundation has an excellent reputation for a unique and successful approach. Most students who qualify for McKay and attend Foundation require the support of one or more additional programs under our Educational Support Department in order to meet the accommodations laid out in the IEP/504. Each applicant’s abilities and needs are assessed through the admissions process to determine if Foundation Academy programs are a good match for the student.  If accepted and enrolled, our educational team will use the IEP/504 plan as a reference in developing a Foundation Academy Individual Accommodations and Recommendation Plan (SIARP).

Students desiring to apply to Foundation Academy utilizing the McKay scholarship should apply as early as possible. Our application deadline is May 1st.

For more information about the McKay program, click the following link for info http://www.floridaschoolchoice.org/information/mckay/

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