Throughout all of history, the vision of invention and progress was a result of creative thought and action. Nowhere is this more evident than in the first chapter of Genesis where God, the Master Creator of all things, spoke Heaven and Earth into being.

The Foundation Academy Fine Arts Department celebrates the excellence modeled for us in God’s creation. Each student is encouraged to stretch his or her imagination and expand his or her own ingenuity. While art celebrates the individuality of each student, a prudent curriculum is both aesthetically and practically educational.

At Foundation Academy, the Fine Arts Department involves the students on three levels:

1. A cognitive level in which students gain practical art skills
2. An intuitive level where each student is allowed to express his or her own individuality
3. A spiritual level that draws them to a closer walk with God as they tap into His creative nature

Foundation Academy offers a wide variety of classes in the arts for grades K-12 in drama, choir, band, and the visual arts.

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