6th Grade Band

FA offers a strong band program for 6th Grade students to prepare them for the Upper School band program. The students learn how to read music at a more advanced level while specializing in an instrument. To highlight their accomplishments, they join the Upper School students for both winter and spring band concerts.




Beginner Band

Students in 6th grade learn how to play a wind or percussion instrument. As they play their instrument, they learn how to read music and even how to listen. The Beginner Band joins the Middle and High school bands for the seasonal concerts in winter and spring. Starting with no experience and growing over the course of a year to be an excellent player, each student will be ready to go to the Tilden Campus and join the Lion Marching Band!




7th – 12th Grade Band

The Middle & High School bands are designed to teach a student on a respective instrument and to expand this experience by performances with a group of musicians. Students are taught a methodology to follow in their individual practice sessions that will strengthen their performance level and establish discipline habits. Music theory, interval training, and rhythmic analysis will all be integrated, with the goal of making the student musically literate.



Middle School Band

The Middle school band gives students a fun and welcoming environment to continue learning their instrument in the pursuit of excellence. Music theory, aural training, musical analysis, self-analysis all get integrated into this course. As a result, students learn how to be organized, disciplined, team players, and how playing music can be a great way to praise God!



High School Band

Many elements of the High school band are the same as the Middle school band, however, students are able to take on more responsibility and leadership both musically and within the band organization at FA. Through ensemble performances at our Winter and Spring concerts and Solo performance opportunities like the S&E, students are continually encouraged to pursue excellence on their instrument and in music in general.



Lion Marching Band

Fall, food, football…and marching band! The Lion Band combines the Middle and High school bands to form a larger group that really gets the energy moving! This ensemble performs classic marching band tunes like The Hey Song, popular music such as Michael Jackson’s Thriller, and some of the more intimidating classical pieces like Holst’s Mars.  



Trash Can Band

This percussion 101 class is perfect for students with little or no musical experience. This class is more than just trash cans; including unique instruments like boomwhackers and Brazilian street percussion. The trash can band often performs during the school break and sometimes gets to make surprise appearances in various classrooms and offices in the school.



Jazz Band

New to Foundation Academy, the Jazz Band is a great environment for students to let loose from the written notes on the page and practice their ability to improvise. This afterschool activity will stretch students of any musical background to be able to listen to and feel the music while playing their instrument with a superior skill and sound.



Praise Band

Praise Band for upper school students is designed to teach students the meaning of worship and the role music plays in a worship service. Praise Band teaches each student about their leadership responsibilities on and off the platform. It is also designed to teach and improve students’ vocal, instrumental, and technical support skills. Application of those skills will be challenged daily in rehearsal and weekly in chapel services. The praise band is a combined effort of leadership between Jarian Felton and Kirk Hensley.


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