Lower School Band

FA offers a strong band program for 6th Grade students to prepare them for the Upper School band program. The students learn how to read music at a more advanced level while specializing in an instrument. To highlight their accomplishments, they join the Upper School students for both winter and spring band concerts.



Upper School Band

The Middle & High School bands are designed to teach a student on a respective instrument and to expand this experience by performances with a group of musicians. Students are taught a methodology to follow in their individual practice sessions that will strengthen their performance level and establish discipline habits. Music theory, interval training, and rhythmic analysis will all be integrated, with the goal of making the student musically literate.



Praise Band

Praise Band for upper school students is designed to teach students the meaning of worship and the role music plays in a worship service. Praise Band teaches each student about their leadership responsibilities on and off the platform. It is also designed to teach and improve students’ vocal, instrumental, and technical support skills. Application of those skills will be challenged daily in rehearsal and weekly in chapel services. The praise band is a combined effort of leadership between Mark Goff and Kirk Hensley.


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