“They will roar like lions, like the strongest of lions…” Isaiah 5:29


It is the desire of the Foundation Academy Athletic staff to offer student athletes a program that provides a variety of sports with godly coaches who are experts in their field. Coaches that understand the importance of developing fierce competitors in the playing arena, as well as for the Kingdom of God.

At Foundation Academy, student athletes are pushed to develop what is referred to as THE HEART OF A LION, a bold heart that confronts adversity with strength, dignity, and wisdom; desiring to face fear when others will not, while loyally protecting others. An athlete with THE HEART OF A LION leads its PRIDE with focused determination, diligence, and a fierceness to the task at hand. Throughout the year, the Athletic Department will be focusing on this theme with the intent of being able to come alongside each student athlete as they become more aware and intentional about practicing these character traits in themselves, while displaying them for the FA Family, OUR LION PRIDE.

Great men have written about the LION’S HEART, weaving words through the medium of verse and narratives. At FA, we will strive to weave a tapestry that leaves behind a picture that reflects THE HEART OF THE LION OF JUDAH in the lives of our students.

Before athletes leave FA, the goal is to ensure that they are equipped to compete at the next level; however, more-so than that is the desire that they are prepared to LIVE at the next level. As students look back at their time in the athletic program, the prayer for the staff is that athletes will consider their time here as the best years of their life, where they built friendships that last a lifetime, found mentors they can go to to seek godly counsel, and above all have a greater understanding of who they are in Christ.


  • Variety of athletic opportunities from Elementary through High School
  • Members of the Florida High School Athletic Association (FHSAA)
  • Exceptional facilities include: two softball fields, baseball field, football/soccer fields, a multi-purpose gymnasium featuring two regulation-size basketball courts, three volleyball courts, and a weight room
  • Tremendous coaches who are committed to Christ, encourage good citizenship, strive for academic excellence, and pursue all things that bring honor to God
  • Many athletes continue at a college level; some with generous scholarships


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