Elementary Athletics

2017-2018 Elementary Sports Season
The Young Lions Junior Sports Program

Our North Campus is excited to continue our Junior Sports Program for the 2017-2018 school year. This year we are excited to be offering the following programs:

  • Agility & Resistance Training Program (Boys and Girls, Grades 3-6)
  • Flag Football (Boys and Girls, Ages 4-13)
  • Soccer (Boys and Girls, Ages 3-10)
  • Basketball (Boys and Girls, Ages 4-10)
  • Baseball (Boys, Ages 3-7)

Our Young Lions will be competing against their peers through I9 Sports. Games will be located on our South Campus Athletic Fields on Tilden Rd. and take place on Saturday mornings. In addition, each sport will have a after-school weekly practice, from 3pm – 4pm, to teach central aspects of the game, as well as focus in the fundamentals needed to succeed.

All of our offerings will be driven by Art of Sportsmanship to teach our students and athletes how to practice and compete.

The Art of Sportsmanship is an introduction to both the traditional aspects of gameplay and behavior, as well as the “Foundation Way”. This will become the cornerstone of their athletic experience here at Foundation Academy from elementary to varsity. These “Art of Sportsmanship” guidelines will be reinforced as they train, practice and compete.

• I will respect and abide by the rules
• I will walk away from arguments and confrontation
• I will always be fair and play fair
• I will accept responsibilities of being a teammate and a player
• I will be encouraging to my teammates
• I will follow the instructions of my coach
• I will respect the efforts of my opponent
• I will respect the officials at all times
• I will win and lose the same with respect and class

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me at or call me at 407.877.2744 ext. 104.


Agility & Resistance Training
Mon./Wed./Fri. 3pm – 4pm North Campus Gymnasium

A 4-week program (12 sessions) every quarter throughout the school year every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 3:00pm – 4:00pm.

We will be creating a path for the child that will promote a life with good health and introduce them to drills and exercises that will place the essential building blocks to becoming a good athlete and healthy person.

We will be using resistance and body weight training, that will be light with controlled movements, emphasizing technique and safety.  Using resistance and body weight training will limit strain on their young muscles, tendons  and areas of cartilage (growth plates) that have not yet developed into muscle. In addition, this will promote full range of motion and load and explode technique that is utilized in sports.

Resistance training will be complemented by agility training. Training them to change direction and gain speed without losing motion and control, promoting speed, balance and coordination. Having and awesome sense of balance and spatial orientation.

Participants can be picked up at 4pm and for those that have aftercare the kids will be walked over to the aftercare program and can be picked up as usual. 

Upcoming Program Dates and Events
2017-18 Agility & Resistance Training Program

  • Cost $103 per quarter (3 sessions per week for 4 weeks) every quarter
  • Athletes will receive Young Lions Junior Sports Program Shirts & Shorts
  • Students who register all 4 quarters will receive $75.00 off the total registration
  • Boys and Girls, Grades 3-6
  • Early Fall Session: September 18th – October 16th
  • Late Fall Session: October 30th – December 1st
  • Winter Session Session: February 19th – March 16th
  • Early Spring Session: April 4th – May 2nd

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2017 I9 Fall Programs
Flag Football

  • Season Dates: September 9th – October 28th
  • Boys & Girls Ages: 4-14
  • FA Practices: Tuesdays, North Campus Gymnasium, 3-4pm Coach Jeff Michaels
  • Practices Begin September 12th

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Soccer Instructional

  • Season Dates: September 9th – October 28th
  • Boys & Girls Ages: 3-12
  • FA Practices: Thursdays, North Campus Gymnasium, 3-4pm Coach Josh Mansingh
  • Practices Begin September 14th

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