Middle School

Here at Foundation Academy we are extremely proud of the growth and success of our Middle School/Junior High athletic programs.  Because we are active members of the GOAC sports league for middle school teams, we not only get to compete against the top private school programs in Central Florida, we are able to offer a variety of sports that many private schools don’t have available on a middle school level.

As a Christian school, “Every Athlete a Disciple” is the heartbeat behind all we hope to achieve in athletics on all levels and our primary focus is to use sports as a tool to develop students in their relationship with Christ.  Like any successful sports program, competing for championships and elevating the competitive spirit of our athletes are high priorities on our list.  However, in our 6th, 7th, and 8th grade programs, we see true value in developing the necessary skill sets in athletes that help them compete on the next level while mentoring them on the importance of being leaders beyond their specific sport as they develop relationships throughout the community.

The development of athletes in middle school sports is vital to the success of our future varsity programs and, for this reason, our varsity head coaches play an active role in the growth and expansion of each middle school team by recruiting coaches that share their vision and implementing programs that mirror our varsity expectations.  We truly believe that participation in Foundation Academy middle school sports will improve your child’s athletic abilities while teaching them to compete in a way that brings honor and glory to The Lord and developing the Christ centered focus that “Builds Foundations for Life”!

God Bless,

Mr. David Baginski
Athletic Director




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