Middle School Sports

Please see the table below for a full list of sports offered through Foundation Academy for grades 6 – 8. Foundation Academy is an active member of the GOAC sports league for our middle school teams. All middle school students wishing to play a sport at Foundation Academy will be required to submit the FHSAA EL2 Pre-participation Physical Evaluation Form and the FHSAA EL3 Consent and Release of Liability Form.




  • Middle School Cheer (Girls)
  • Middle School Cross Country (Boys and Girls)
  • Middle School Football (Boys)
  • Middle School Volleyball (Girls)
  • Varsity Swim (Boys and Girls)
  • 6th Grade Boys’ Basketball
  • 7th Grade Boys’ Basketball
  • Middle School Boys’ Basketball
  • Middle School Girls’ Basketball
  • Middle School Boys’ Soccer
  • Middle School Girls’ Soccer
  • Varsity  Girls’ Weightlifting (7th & 8th)
  • Middle School Baseball (Boys)
  • Middle School Softball (Girls)
  • Middle School Track and Field (Boys and Girls)
  • Varsity Boys’ Lacrosse
  • Varsity Sand Volleyball (Boys and Girls)
  • Varsity Boys’ Weightlifting (7th & 8th)
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