Q&A: The Benefits of Private Elementary Schools

Enrolling your child in a private elementary school can have great benefits. From an enhanced and rigorous academic curriculum to athletics and fine arts programs, private schools come with a wealth of unique opportunities for students. Plus, private schools also offer opportunities for parents and families to get involved, like volunteering for outreach events and parent programs to support the school and its mission.

If you’re considering private school for your child’s elementary education, then you may have questions about the different benefits, cost and opportunities available at a private elementary school. Take a look at our Q&A for some of the most common questions about private schools!

Your Top 5 Questions About Private Elementary Schools Answered

Q: What’s the biggest benefit of enrolling my child in private school?

By far the biggest benefit of enrolling your child in private school is that they’ll receive more than just a rigorous academic education — they learn skills that will help them throughout their lives. Private schools can offer enriching experiences for students, from volunteer opportunities and extracurriculars to athletics and arts programs. Sending your child to a private elementary school will give them the opportunity to grow in ways that will last a lifetime.

Q: How large are the average class sizes?

One thing that really sets private schools apart from public schools is the size of the classes themselves. On average, you can expect there to be 10-15 students per class at a private school. The greatest advantage of these smaller classes is that each student can receive more individualized help and instruction.

At Foundation Academy, not only are class sizes small, but we also offer Honors Program classes for third, fourth and fifth-grade students. These classes integrate technology into their curriculum and teach valuable critical thinking skills. An Honors math class is also available for fifth and sixth-grade students that excel in the subject.

Q: What kind of tuition assistance is there for private schools?

The amount of assistance available for private schools can depend on where you live and where you’d like to enroll your child. Private school tuition is tax-deductible, and families can enroll in special programs like 529 plans to help save and finance tuition payments. Depending on the state or county, there may also be other programs or scholarships available for students.

At Foundation Academy, we offer tuition assistance for eligible students and their families through our third-party vendor, FACTS. Anyone seeking financial assistance only needs to fill out an application with their relevant income information.

Q: What are my options if I want to send my child to a faith-based school?

In Orlando, there are many options for sending your child to a faith-based private school. Faith can be a very strong component or pillar of a school. Some may offer faith-based opportunities such as community outreach or mission trips. If faith is important to you and your family, then you have many options for schooling.

At Foundation Academy, Biblical principles are at the heart of our community and curriculum. We believe in inspiring our students to lead and teaching them to give back to their local communities. With a strong foundation of faith and character, we’re able to encourage our students’ spiritual growth.

Q: What other kinds of opportunities are available at a private school?

At a private elementary school and private schools as a whole, students are able to take advantage of opportunities they wouldn’t find elsewhere. These include field trips, but also community service programs, STEM programs, varsity athletics programs and the fine arts. They can also take advantage of enrichment programs as part of the everyday curriculum like the arts, computer media and music.

A Private School Education Sets the Foundation for Lifelong Growth

A private elementary school education can be the bedrock of your child’s further education. A private school can have a wealth of opportunities and programs available, all aimed at fostering a love of learning and a student’s growth both in and out of the classroom.

At Foundation Academy, our Biblically centered curriculum and focus on healthy growth and development can provide a nurturing environment for our PK-5 students. We believe that students should be able to pursue their passions and skills, no matter what they are. Our community is built on the foundation of teaching fellowship and leadership to students, from the day they enter our school to graduation day.

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