3 Benefits of Enrolling Your Child at Private School in Orlando

Choosing a school for your child is a big decision. Finding the right school that’s close to your home, offers the right academic support, extracurricular opportunities and has the right community can be difficult. This can be even more challenging if local public schools just aren’t right for your family. But is there a real advantage to enrolling your child in private school? 

Beyond academics, private schools can help grow your child’s confidence and offer a sense of real community for them and your family. These benefits all lay the foundation for success even after your child graduates and moves into adulthood.

3 Key Advantages of Enrolling Your Child in Private School

If you’re considering the pros and cons of private school especially when you factor in tuition costs, it’s helpful to know the biggest benefits a private education can offer students and families. It can also help you research and identify the right school for your child and family. Consider these key advantages during your research process.

A Stronger Sense of Community

A private school can offer your family a sense of community that you may not find elsewhere. If you’re interested in enrolling your child in a school that aligns with your values, a private school can offer a close, supportive community made up of fellow students, parents, faculty and staff.

At Foundation Academy, we’re an educational community that prepares students by instilling in them a strong sense of faith and strength. Students can pursue their interests and discover their own unique passions to grow into confident adults. We’ve believed since our founding that excellence is at the start of our mission, and our community is built on the foundation of faith, fine arts, academics and athletics.

Individualized Academic Support

At private schools, smaller classroom sizes can allow for students to receive more academic attention and support. Receiving one-on-one attention and help with schoolwork can help better prepare students for the future and allow them to flourish in and out of the classroom. Your child won’t be lost in a sea of numbers with large classroom sizes at a private school. Instead, your child can better form a relationship with their teacher and receive the help they need with schoolwork.

Private schools can also offer more challenging coursework for students that you may not find in a public setting. Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate and even dual enrollment classes are all rigorous but enriching academic programs for students that a private school can offer. These different programs, depending on the student, can help them even in college!

Unique Growth Opportunities

Enrolling your child in a private school can open the door to unique opportunities that will help them grow, develop their confidence and instill a love of learning. Most private schools invest in growing programs like the fine arts or athletics or expand its other extracurriculars. This gives your child the opportunity to discover their passion throughout their academic career. Students can also get involved in service or mission work that helps their local community.

Beyond outreach, students can participate in a variety of activities at a private school. At Foundation Academy, our students can pursue their interests from band and choir to theatre and the visual arts. They can even join our robotics program to apply STEM principles and compete in local competitions! All of these clubs, societies and opportunities create a rewarding experience for students while fostering healthy curiosity and passion for their interests.

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Choosing a Private School in Orlando

Orlando is a fast-growing area and has many private schools that serve students and families K-12. Each school is unique in its academic offerings, community and extracurriculars, but a private education overall can help your child form lifelong friendships and grow. When it comes to the decision of whether to send your child to a private school, it comes down to what school is the right fit for your child.

Enrolling your child in private school can offer them unique opportunities in both academics and extracurriculars. With smaller class sizes and a more tailored approach to teaching, your child will receive the academic support they need. And whether your child is passionate about the arts, athletics or service, a private school can open the door to more opportunities and help them grow.

A Foundation for Life

At Foundation Academy, we offer three locations to serve our students, K-12. Our Lakeside, Plant Street and Tilden campuses in Winter Garden and Orlando all provide students with a quality education rooted in faith and an enriching school experience. We partner with families the church to provide the foundation for life and our family of campuses are located throughout some of the fastest-growing areas of Orlando.

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