Welcome to the Solar Fair!

6th Grade Solar Models from Foundation Academy on Vimeo.

On Friday, September 14, FA’s 6th grade students used their imaginations and engineering skills to design, build, and test solar-powered fair ride models. It was a memorable and fun experience collaborating in teams. The students learned about energy transformations, the energy grid, and renewable energy resources. 


Confidence and Humility

This week’s Upper School chapel began with worship led by our student praise band. The students were ready to give Jesus praise for what He has done among them this week. 

After worship, several students read from the Bible different passages relating to humility and finding our confidence in Christ. Pastor Mann invited Tanner H to speak on how God has moved through His life this week in the wake of Bailey’s accident. 

After Tanner, Pastor Mann spoke on how through this tragic event involving Bailey, the students have embodied true community and unity among one another. Humility and Confidence have been displayed among the students this week, and he encouraged them to continue in that.

Pastor Mann’s focus for Humility was Philippians 2:3, and mentioned the quote from C.S. Lewis, “Humility is not thinking less of yourself, but thinking of yourself less.” For Confidence, Pastor Mann focused on Philippians 1:6. He described to the students that confidence is quiet, yet insecurities are loud.

As he closed, Pastor Mann reminded students that while we live in a fallen kingdom, we serve a risen king. When Jesus performed a miracle, it was to show the people of where we are heading – Heaven. His goal wasn’t to bring perfection to earth, but to give a glimpse of where we as believers are going.

Take Initiative

This week, our 5th grade students led worship. Many of their parents came to worship with us and it was a joy having them in attendance!

Our Prayer Warrior was Courtney from Mrs. Waters’ 6th grade class.  We learned that she runs cross country and enjoys reading.  She did a wonderful job leading us in prayer. 

Pastor Rouse talked more about initiative and dirty jobs. We learned about Nehemiah and how he made it to Jerusalem to help rebuild the wall. We are to not just hear God’s word, but also do God’s word. Initiative means seeing what needs to be done and doing it. Avoid saying “they need to do this,” and YOU do it!  

Remember, people that take initiative stand out in a crowd! 



Written by Amanda Donaho.

FA Senior Named National Merit Semifinalist

Congratulations to FA Senior Jonathan R on becoming a prestigious National Merit Semifinalist!

Last year, 1.64 million 11th grade students took the PSAT (Preliminary SAT). To become a National Merit Semifinalist, Jonathan achieved one of the top 16,000 scores in the country. This puts his score in the top 1% of all students nationwide that took the PSAT last year.

As a semifinalist, Jonathan will move forward in the National Merit competition to compete to become a National Merit Finalist, which will be determined in February. If he reaches the Finalist round, he will then progress for a chance to compete to become a National Merit Scholar in March!

Congratulations Jonathan on this amazing achievement!

For more information about the National Merit competition, visit

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