FA Dress Giveaway

On March 12th, the Christians in Service Club held a dress giveaway for girls in the community. For the past three weeks, club members, students, and teachers collected over 90 dresses for any girl needing a prom or formal dress. The dresses were then made available to FA girls needing a formal dress for prom or special occasions in exchange for a donation. The Christians in Service Club used those donations towards their New Missions sponsor child, a 4th grader in Haiti named Rood. Thank you to everyone who helped make this dress drive a success!

Chapel with Pastor Mike

At the Upper School this week, we had the privilege of hearing from Pastor Mike Ballard of Trinity Baptist Church! Our Praise Band 2 students led us in a moving time of worship and then Pastor Mike shared some of his story with us. Specifically, he spoke about his early years, about some of the decisions he made prior to becoming a Christ follower, and about how those decisions have impacted his life. “The choices you make today, can and will affect each and every one of your tomorrows,” he reminded our students.

We are thankful for guest speakers like Pastor Mike who share openly with our students and speak such truth into their lives!

Pi Day!

March 14th is Pi Day–a day to celebrate the mathematical constant π! Math Club and Student Government partnered to make our high school lunch a π party that included a pie-eating contest contest (where winners got to pie their teachers in the face!), trivia game, and more. And students in Mrs. Ford’s class spent their math class celebrating π. “We had a great time discovering what Pi really means using real pies and other circular food items,” said Mrs. Ford. Enjoy pictures from her classroom and our lunch party below!

The Power of Words

This week in Chapel at the Lower School we had the honor of worshipping with our Upper School Praise Band 1! We are thankful for these amazing students and the talents they shared with us!

Our prayer warrior for the week was Tarique from Mrs. Reynolds’ 5th grade class. We learned that Tarique loves mac and cheese, football, reading, and most of all God.

Our lesson was then brought by one of our Pastor Dads who is also the husband of 4th grade teacher, Mrs. Markham! He taught on our words and how they have power. To illustrate his teaching, he had student volunteers squeeze out all of the toothpaste from their tubes. But to get the prize the students then had to get all the toothpaste back into the tubes. Our words are similar–once they come out, the don’t go back in. Remember, words speak life!

Written by Amanda Donaho

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