Chapel and Friendship

Chapel and Friendship

Chapel this week began with prayer led by Ethan (6th) over those in Houston, Texas and those in the path of Hurricane Irma. The 6th grade Music Crew then introduced our chapel theme song for the year called, “The Lion and the Lamb.”  Many voices were raised as we enjoyed worshiping together!

After worship, Pastor Will introduced our September theme: “FRIENDSHIP: using your words and actions to show others you care.” Pastor Will emphasized that friends accept one another and love one another. As always, he drew upon simple everyday things like Play-Doh to make illustrations come to life. 

Kyle (5th) came onto the stage to help create Play-Doh shapes as Pastor Will explained that when God gets a hold of you, He will shape you in such a way that He can fill you with His Holy Spirit. We want to be so filled with Him that our actions overflow with the fruits of the Spirit (love, joy, peace, etc.) onto our friends and those we meet. Proverbs 17:17 says, ”A friend loves at all times, and a brother is born for a time of adversity.” 

We all left Chapel knowing that because of Jesus’ love for us we can show others that we care. This is wonderful news, and we look forward to learning more together next week!

Written by Debra Winningham

Honors Begins!

Our Honors students at the Lower School had a successful first day! They learned new concepts in our Deducible/Perplexor segment, participated in the “Design Process,” and did a STEM challenge. Please enjoy the photos of these young scholars below!

Lower School Chapel

Every week, our Lower School Chapel is a new experience! This week, Mrs. Reynolds’ Book Fair outfit added some extra fun to the announcements. Ty (6th) served as our Prayer Warrior and our 6th grade Music Crew once again encouraged audience participation during worship–a time focused on singing about Jesus.

We then gave Mrs. Grosshans a warm welcome to the “Hot Seat” as she was interviewed by Pastor Will. We learned that her favorite color is blue and that a 3 Musketeers candy bar is her favorite snack. She was also gracious enough to share a story about her elementary days that helped her learn how to love others regardless of what we see on the outside. 

After the interview Pastor Will shared an amazing story from 1 Samuel 24 in the Bible about how David spared King Saul’s life. Ask your child what happened in the cave and ask them to tell you the rest of the story. Better yet, read chapter 24 in 1 Samuel as a family and discuss how David glorified God with his responses!

Before ending our time together, Pastor Will brought Caleb (1st) up to the stage to try an interesting food. This experience helped everyone learn that we need to look beyond our first impressions in order to see how God can use us to bless others by showing His love. We look forward to learning more about His love together next week!

Written by Debra Winningham

Enjoying the Eclipse

We loved enjoying “The Great American Eclipse” together on Monday, August 21st. Students at both our Lower School and Upper School experienced this awesome display of God’s creation. Grades 2nd and up were invited to watch the solar eclipse through NASA-approved safety glasses, while our youngest Lions watched the eclipse inside on screens. Check out pictures below of Lions of all ages experiencing the wonder of God’s handiwork.

Lower School

Upper School

Lower School Chapel

Chapel started this Wednesday with Jasmine (6th) opening our time in prayer. Worship was crazy fun with Music Crew students and others coming up and participating in the active worship songs. After worship, Pastor Will taught about handling conflict with people. He used the “Close The Loop” graphic to explain how to handle conflict God’s way. And he emphasized that even though there may be approximately 7.5 billion people on planet earth, and you feel like you are one in a billion, our God knows your name and cares about you! As people, our purpose is to love God–by worshiping Him–and to love others–by sharing the love of God with them. We look forward to more Chapel time next week!

Written by Debra Winningham

Welcome, New Lower School Families!

Ten months ago, enrollment for the 2017-2018 school year began. At the time, we had no idea that 135 wonderful new families would become a part of our PK3-6th grade FA Family!  As applications rolled in, we carefully prayed over each one. Our hope was that God would bring families to our school with gifts and talents that could be perfectly woven together with our current families, to make FA a place for spiritual and academic growth.

Since school began, we have been flooded with emails and phone calls from families expressing their excitement! The positive feedback is motivation to keep moving forward, while striving to be the best we can be for our students.  

We are thankful for the administration, teachers, staff, students and parents that make FA great.  Remember, we are all created by God, who is the author of our story. As the year continues to unfold, join us in praying that we will seek to glorify Him in all that we do. Thank you again to all our new families for partnering with us on this journey. “In all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight.” Proverbs 3:6

Be sure to check out the heartfelt (and humorous!) comments from our new students and parents!

  • She had an AMAZING first day! She was so excited about everything! It totally reconfirmed that we made the right decision!! -Jackie, 6th grade parent
  • Best Day EVER!!! -Lainey, Kindergarten
  • This was my best 1st day of school ever! -Tyler, 6th
  • Today was better than Disney! -Taylor, 3rd
  • It was AWESOME!!! I had so, so, so MUCH fun!!! -Abrianna, Kindergarten
  • I love Ms. Jennings! I want to come back tomorrow!! -Myles, PK4
  • Mommy, let me tell you something, my teacher loves owls! -Hannah, Kindergarten
  • We had an epic war of dodgeball in PE today. -Kaitlyn, 4th
  • The first day I was very nervous and had trouble with my locker, but I made new friends; the second day was THE BEST DAY EVER! -Brody, 6th
  • I had a really super-duper awesome day! -Emma, Kindergarten
  • Best first two days of a school year ever. -Aidan, 3rd
  • If I could pick any school to go to, I would pick this school. -Avery, 4th
  • Mom, all the kids paid attention and behaved. They didn’t talk when the teacher was talking. -Isabella, 4th
  • Everyone at Foundation Academy is really nice, friendly and caring. I really love that we get to pray every day and thank God for all we have. I am happy to be at FA this year! -Sebastian, 6th
  • I love my ‘paw-print’ school and my favorite part is nap time. -Lily, PK3. 
  • Foundation is awesome! I made friends with everyone in class not just one person. I can’t believe how great this school is, Mom. -Reese, 5th
  • He is super happy about going to Foundation, and he loves his teacher already. -Jennifer, 5th grade parent
  • I enjoyed my second day of school because I got to know the teachers better. My classmates were really nice and kind to me and everyone helped me in each of my classes. -Taysia, 6th
  • It was truly amazing. I felt really special when Mrs. Emanuel hugged me before I left on Thursday. -Dakota, 6th
  • I liked PE and making the gooey stuff. -Baylor, 1st
  • I loved the playground. -Beckett, Kindergarten
  • My 4yr old daughter got in the car after the first day and yelled “Best Day Ever!” I thought this summed it up. -Ella, PK4 and her mom Tiffany
  • My first day at my new school was very cool. Everybody was so nice and it’s very different from my other school. We now have periods and different classes to attend which is going to take a bit to get used to, but overall I like it. -Jael, 6th
  • I love my new school, Mommy, and now I’m a Chipmunk! -Trinity, PK4
  • I painted in art class today. -Hunter, PK3
  • Mrs. Douglas, and everyone else he met was evidently welcoming and his favorite person is his principal, whom he said made him sit with classmates in the morning when he was sitting alone reading (so sweet!). I held my breath all day yesterday and it was all I could do to not cry when I picked him up- it was amazing to hear such positive things about his day. To say I am grateful is an understatement. -Ashlea, 5th grade parent
  • It was great! -Myles, PK4
  • It was weird… nobody pushed or shoved in line, nobody was using curse words and nobody was teasing me. -Gannon, 5th
  • Brynn when being picked up from school after crying when being dropped off in the morning: Brynn: “Mommy I love school.”
    Mommy: “Did you make any friends?”
    Brynn: “Yes, I made lots of friends!”
    Mommy: “What are their names?”
    Brynn: “Umm, I don’t know!”
    All of this was said while having a smile on her face. -Manuel and Taisha, PK4 parents
  • My son Andrew said he was nervous on his first day but was ready for the year on his second day. -Shannon, 6th grade parent
  • I liked the new school and my teacher, some of my new friends were nice except the one that stuck his tongue at me, but I ignored him. -Triston, Kindergarten
  • My new school is the best school ever!” -Addison, 6th
  • Mommy, I really like my new teacher. -Mackiyiah, 3rd
  • This new school is awwwe-some-um um um (with arm movements). -Manuel, 1st
  • It was the best day evahh, Momma. -Austyn, PK3
  • The gingerbread man ran away, and we all found him in the classroom and then the teacher broke his leg so he couldn’t run away anymore! -Sophia, Kindergarten
  • Look mom, there’s big boy school. -Marc, PK3
  • Thank you so much to you and all of the staff for making Marc feel happy, encouraged, and comfortable in the transition from “baby school to big boy school”! -Annabelle, PK3 parent
  • I liked meeting new friends! -Emma, Kindergarten
  • I loved seeing all the pretty decorations in my new classroom! -Ava, 3rd
  • I love Foundation Academy, it’s a great school! -Joe, 6th
  • Mrs. Krepfle is nicer than all the other teachers in the world! -Cristina, Kindergarten
  • I love my new school, Mommy. My teacher is so fun and smart. I made so many new friends and some of my friends from preschool are at my new school, Mommy. How awesome is that?” -Tyler, Kindergarten
  • They both loved their first days at school. Foundation and the teachers and administration are amazing and helpful! I feel so blessed to have a school like this for my boys!
    -Danielle, Kindergarten and 8th grade mom
  • We asked Kaelyn if she was excited to start her new school? She said no… Because I don’t know where the bathrooms are! -Kristi, PK4 parent
  • My kid’s first day of school was just wonderful! My 7th grader Trey, 5th grader Sophia and Kindergartner Adriana were all equally excited to be back at school.  It give me tremendous peace and joy as a parent to know that they are in the care of very capable and loving hands at Foundation Academy.  Calling FA a Christ-centered school is not just a slogan, it is in fact, the most accurate description of its learning environment and faculty. -Freyda, 7th, 5th, and New Kindergarten parent

Written by Amanda Donaho, Student Specialist

A Kindergarten Gingerbread Adventure!

Each year, our kindergarten students work hard to mix and bake the perfect Gingerbread Man. Even with Mrs. Reynolds guarding the oven, he always seems to escape!  Because of this, our kindergartners have to travel throughout the school in search of him.

This fun activity helps our new kindergarten students become familiar with the building and meet friendly faces like the principal, school nurse, and even our older students. Check out the photos from this year’s hunt!

Lower School Chapel Begins!

Yesterday marked our first Chapel of the year at our Lower School! Our time began with Pastor Will introducing the Senior Pastor of FBCWG, Pastor Tim Grosshans, who took a turn in the famous “Hot Seat” for an impromptu interview. (We learned that Pastor Tim absolutely loves popcorn!) After the fun interview, Pastor Tim prayed over our students, staff, and school.

Mrs. Whitehead then greeted the students and welcomed them back to a new year of exciting chapels. Six members of the 6th Grade Music Crew Elective class volunteered to help Mrs. Winningham lead worship today, and they did a great job!

After our worship time, Pastor Will Blaine introduced our Chapel theme for the year: Journey. The verse supporting this theme is Proverbs 3:6 (NIV): “In all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight.” Through exploring this theme together, we’ll learn more about what it means to walk this life journey following Jesus.

We look forward to a great 2017-18 year of journeying together through Chapels!

Lower School Open House!

Thank you to all of our Lower School families for coming to our Open House on August 8th! We loved connecting with each of you and celebrating the beginning of a new school year together. Please enjoy our photo gallery from the event below!

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