FA Dress Giveaway

FA Dress Giveaway

On March 12th, the Christians in Service Club held a dress giveaway for girls in the community. For the past three weeks, club members, students, and teachers collected over 90 dresses for any girl needing a prom or formal dress. The dresses were then made available to FA girls needing a formal dress for prom or special occasions in exchange for a donation. The Christians in Service Club used those donations towards their New Missions sponsor child, a 4th grader in Haiti named Rood. Thank you to everyone who helped make this dress drive a success!

Chapel with Pastor Mike

At the Upper School this week, we had the privilege of hearing from Pastor Mike Ballard of Trinity Baptist Church! Our Praise Band 2 students led us in a moving time of worship and then Pastor Mike shared some of his story with us. Specifically, he spoke about his early years, about some of the decisions he made prior to becoming a Christ follower, and about how those decisions have impacted his life. “The choices you make today, can and will affect each and every one of your tomorrows,” he reminded our students.

We are thankful for guest speakers like Pastor Mike who share openly with our students and speak such truth into their lives!

Pi Day!

March 14th is Pi Day–a day to celebrate the mathematical constant π! Math Club and Student Government partnered to make our high school lunch a π party that included a pie-eating contest contest (where winners got to pie their teachers in the face!), trivia game, and more. And students in Mrs. Ford’s class spent their math class celebrating π. “We had a great time discovering what Pi really means using real pies and other circular food items,” said Mrs. Ford. Enjoy pictures from her classroom and our lunch party below!

The Power of Words

This week in Chapel at the Lower School we had the honor of worshipping with our Upper School Praise Band 1! We are thankful for these amazing students and the talents they shared with us!

Our prayer warrior for the week was Tarique from Mrs. Reynolds’ 5th grade class. We learned that Tarique loves mac and cheese, football, reading, and most of all God.

Our lesson was then brought by one of our Pastor Dads who is also the husband of 4th grade teacher, Mrs. Markham! He taught on our words and how they have power. To illustrate his teaching, he had student volunteers squeeze out all of the toothpaste from their tubes. But to get the prize the students then had to get all the toothpaste back into the tubes. Our words are similar–once they come out, the don’t go back in. Remember, words speak life!

Written by Amanda Donaho

Lions to Play College Football

Today at the Upper School, we joined as a school family to celebrate Eddie Loos and Connor Carson who both signed their commitments to play college football! Eddie will be playing at Morehead State University in Kentucky, and Connor will play at Grinnell College in Iowa. Director of Athletics David Baginski introduced both Lions, commending them on achieving their dreams. “Most of our athletes have dreamed of this when they were six or seven years old,” said Coach Baginski.

It truly is an incredible accomplishment for both Eddie and Connor. Eddie will be majoring in History and Criminal Justice at Morehead and will be playing defensive line. “I want to thank God and my family,” said Eddie, who went on to thank Coach Lord, the coaching staff, and the teachers who helped him on his way. Connor will be majoring in Computer Science at Grinnell and playing offensive tackle. “I’d like to thank God for the amazing opportunity He’s given me,” said Connor. He also thanked his coaches for their help and guidance and his parents for pushing him to be his best.

We are thrilled for Eddie and Connor and look forward to cheering them on as their football careers continue to unfold!

A Dr. Seuss Birthday

Kindergarten and first grade recently celebrated Dr. Seuss’ birthday! The students had a special appearance by The Cat in the Hat (Mrs. Rouse), who read Green Eggs and Ham to the group. All of the students received a cat hat as well as a Dr. Seuss bookmark. Following the read-aloud, we all sang “Happy Birthday” to Dr. Seuss and then enjoyed a beautiful and delicious cake made by our own Mrs. Bales. It was truly a Seussical day!

A Peace Filled Chapel

We had an amazing time in Chapel at the Lower School this week! The after school drama students led us in a time of worship, and our prayer warrior for the week was Dylan from Ms. Reynolds’ 5th grade class. We learned that Dylan wants a Siberian tiger, loves fettuccine alfredo, and is a true man of God.

Zach Stoner joined us again and spoke on the new March theme of peace. We learned that peace means proving you care more about each other than about winning an argument. Choosing peace is always the best option.

We look forward to learning more about peace together as March continues!

Written by Amanda Donaho

Former CIA Agent at Chapel

This week at our Upper School Chapel our students had the privilege of hearing from Michele Rigby Assad, a former CIA agent! Before she took the stage, our Praise Band led us in a powerful time of worship. Mrs. Assad then spoke about her time working undercover for the CIA. (She wrote a book called Breaking Cover about her experiences!)

Specifically, Mrs. Assad encouraged our students to be willing to do the hard thing and to appreciate how God made you and where He has placed you. She went on to share about how important it is to serve where you are and to do it well. And she ended by reminding our students to not place limits or conditions on what God can do in our lives.

We so enjoyed hearing some of Mrs. Assad’s story and were all encouraged by her bravery and faith!

ACSI Choral Festival

Last Friday, March 2nd, our FA Upper School Choir attended the ACSI Choral Festival–a statewide event for Christian schools in Florida held at Indian Rocks Christian School in Largo, Florida. Under the direction of Mark Goff, our choir students sang in front of professional judges where they received constructive criticism and were awarded a score of Superior (1), Excellent (2), or Good (3) based on their performance. 

We had 13 entries and here are the results:



  • Choir – Excellent (2)
  • High School Ensemble – Superior (1)


  • Islanda R – Excellent (2)
  • Gabriela B – Excellent (2)
  • Madison F – Superior (1)
  • Maria K – Superior (1)
  • Kaley K – Superior (1)
  • Alicia D – Superior (1)


  • Maria K/Abby D – Superior (1)
  • Brooke G/Alicia D – Superior (1)
  • Ellie J/Mackenzie G – Excellent (2)
  • Mackenzie G/McKenna K – Superior (1)


  • Savannah D/Madison B/Kayla B – Excellent (2)

Please give your support and congratulations to your FA Choir when you see them! We are so very proud of their work!

Real Men Read at Lower School

During the month of February many students had the opportunity to hear their dads, granddads, or uncles read to their class! This was done in celebration of our Real Men Read event at the Lower School! At the end of the event, our students received a special visit from members of the Solar Bears Hockey Team.  Each grade level had a player visit their class, read a book, and answer questions. Our 5th grade students received a special treat when they had the chance to receive autographs of each player! A big thank you to our 5th grade teacher Jen Douglas for organizing this wonderful event!

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