6th Grade Science Take Part in "Tomatosphere"

6th Grade Science Take Part in “Tomatosphere”

Mrs. Waters’ 6th-grade science classes are participating in an international research study called “Tomatosphere”. You can learn about the program by clicking here
Mrs. Waters applied to First Seed and received packets of tomato seeds. One package flew on the International Space Station and one has always been on Earth. The science classes are studying the germination and growth of the seeds to determine if the time in space impacts the seeds and plants.
The investigation began in mid March, and data was collected daily. Results were reported right before Spring Break began. This is a blind study, so Mrs. Waters’ class is anxious to find out which packet went to space and to be able to review the data collected by other classrooms. Check back after the break for pictures and the results of the experiment!

Silent Auction Adventure Outing

Foundation Academy Silent Auction Adventure OutingLast month, Chase R. and Austin T. experienced another Adventure Outing with Mrs. Whitehead and Mrs. Reynolds for the 3rd year in a row. The adventure began with lunch at Chick-Fil-A, then an intense putting competition at the Orlando Putting Edge with 18 holes on a brilliantly colored undersea black light course. After all that fun they headed over to Jeremiah’s Italian Ice for a refreshing and flavorful treat. The Adventure Outing with Mrs. Whitehead and Mrs. Reynolds is always a fan-favorite silent auction item at our annual Fall Festival!

“Figuratively Speaking” Displayed in 6th Grade

Mrs. Higgs’ 6th grade Language Arts classes have studied, learned, and applied their knowledge of figurative language! In February, 6th grade students completed group projects in class. Mrs. Higgs, who is always creative in her bulletin board designs, has displayed the group projects in the 6th grade hallway for the month of March. 

We love the creative ideas our teachers have to engage students and help them apply what they’re learning!

Foundation Academy 6th Grade Figuratively Speaking

Mrs. Higgs bulletin board featuring 6th grade Figurative Language projects.

March Lower School Chapels Focus on MADE

During the month of March, Lower School Chapels focused on the theme of “MADE.” We are made in God’s image, each unique with individual gifts and talents. Special guest speakers included Pastors Ben Markham, Zach Stoner, and Jarian Felton, and we also had Upper School Praise Band lead worship one week! 

Pastor Markham taught on how humility is important in recognizing the individual talents and gifts that God gave to us. We are to always boast in His power working through us, not take all the credit for ourselves.

Pastor Stoner presented a message on individuality and how God wants us to look at what really matters. He used the story of David being selected by God to be the next King of Israel. While men look at the outward appearance, God looks at the heart.

Pastor Felton taught on how Jesus brings together all of our individual talents and gifts for one purpose: to bring glory to God and point people to Him. While our gifts and talents may look and sound different, we can all stand together as one proclaiming the name of Jesus through our uniqueness!

Each week, our Lower School Chapel is streamed on Facebook Live for families to tune in! Be sure to like and follow us on Facebook so you’ll be notified each week of when Chapel begins!

Thank you to our March guest speakers. May we always remember that we are all fearfully and wonderfully made in the image of God! Please enjoy the gallery below of photos from March Chapel.

Community Helper Visits First Grade

Community Helper Visits First Grade – March 25, 2019

First Grade just finished learning about bones and are now starting a unit on Community Helpers. Dr. Mike McCleary, from Orlando Orthopaedic Center, visited Foundation Academy to teach the students about his job as a community helper.  He talked about what bones are, muscles and joints, how bones protect, and healthy bones and muscles.  We also learned what happens if a bones breaks. The students even got to see Dr. McCleary put a cast on a student! 

Thank you, Dr. McCleary, for coming to our first grade class to teach us about your job as a community helper! Enjoy some photos of his visit below.

6th Grade Visits the Kennedy Space Center

Foundation Academy 6th Grade Kennedy Space Center

Students Chase, Jacob, and Jaden build a rover during a STEM activity. Their rover went furthest when tested on the ramp!

Monday, March 18, Foundation Academy 6th Grade visited the Kennedy Space Center! Our 6th graders have really enjoyed the focus on earth and space science this year, and were very excited to for this field trip. Mrs. Waters, one of our 6th grade instructors, commented “It was so inspiring watching them [at Kennedy Space Center] engage in the STEM challenge, connect with the Apollo missions, and internalize the work ethic and perseverance message from the astronaut.” 

One of our parent chaperones also had this to say of the visit: “[The 6th grade] field trip to Kennedy space Center was very well organized, executed and FUN! I overheard the group of four girls that I walked with commenting about how much they learned, saw and experienced – how ideal for these students! 
We have been on a school sponsored field trip to KSC before and this by far exceeded it! It was a great STEM experience and I as a parent am appreciative of the time and work that went into making it a reality, thank you to you and your teachers.”

Thank you to Kennedy Space Center for hosting our 6th graders for the day, and giving them an unforgettable experience! Check out the gallery below of images from the day!

2019 Father-Daughter Dance

On March 8, Foundation Academy hosted a Masquerade Ball for the 2019 Father-Daughter Dance! Coordinated by PAWS, fathers and daughters from the Lower School gathered at Tanner Hall for an evening of fun, food and dancing. Everyone brought a mask, and enjoyed showing them off to one another. With a DJ mixing tunes, a photo booth with great props and a fairy hair station, there was lots to do and see.

It was a huge success, and no one wanted the night to end. Thank you, PAWS, for making this special night happen for our fathers and daughters. 

One of our Upper School students, Isabelle B, captured some beautiful images of the evening. Click here for her photo gallery! Also, enjoy more photos that were collected below!

2019 ASCI Spelling Bee

Foundation Academy hosted the 2019 ACSI Spelling Bee for Grades 1-4 on Friday, March 1.  There were 7 schools participating and FA had a great showing.  Hudson M placed 1st for 1st grade. Leah B placed 2nd place for 4th grade. Aiden B won 1st place for 4th grade.  Congratulations!!

It was a great day of competition and we are so proud of all those students who represented Foundation Academy so well.  Now our students gear up for the ACSI Math Olympics, taking place at the Lower School on March 29!

February Chapels Remind Us to Serve

In Lower School Chapels during the month of February, students learned about service. Mrs. Allie had fun games for the students to play each week, and we even had a special guest! Pastor Zach Stoner from Grace Pointe Church visited one week and taught on Matthew 6:1-4.

Aspects of service that students learned include:

  • Don’t let your good deeds be admired by others
  • We were made to serve others with a humble heart
  • We are to show the love of Christ to everyone through service
  • Jesus’ example to us was to serve each other

Each week, our Lower School Chapel is streamed on Facebook Live for families to tune in! Be sure to like and follow us on Facebook so you’ll be notified each week of when Chapel begins!

Please enjoy the gallery below of photos from February Chapels!

“Real Men Read” 2019

Foundation Academy celebrated “Real Men Read” during the week of February 19 – 22. Each day, our Lower School received guests from the community. Dads, law enforcement officers, and even the Solar Bears Hockey team stopped by to read to our students! “Real Men Read” promotes the importance of reading, and how students how reading can be fun. Several of our Seniors also came by one day to read to our students, and remind them that reading is for everyone! 

Please enjoy the gallery below from the week, and all of those who came to visit! 

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