March Lower School Chapels Focus on MADE

March Lower School Chapels Focus on MADE

During the month of March, Lower School Chapels focused on the theme of “MADE.” We are made in God’s image, each unique with individual gifts and talents. Special guest speakers included Pastors Ben Markham, Zach Stoner, and Jarian Felton, and we also had Upper School Praise Band lead worship one week! 

Pastor Markham taught on how humility is important in recognizing the individual talents and gifts that God gave to us. We are to always boast in His power working through us, not take all the credit for ourselves.

Pastor Stoner presented a message on individuality and how God wants us to look at what really matters. He used the story of David being selected by God to be the next King of Israel. While men look at the outward appearance, God looks at the heart.

Pastor Felton taught on how Jesus brings together all of our individual talents and gifts for one purpose: to bring glory to God and point people to Him. While our gifts and talents may look and sound different, we can all stand together as one proclaiming the name of Jesus through our uniqueness!

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Thank you to our March guest speakers. May we always remember that we are all fearfully and wonderfully made in the image of God! Please enjoy the gallery below of photos from March Chapel.

February Chapels Remind Us to Serve

In Lower School Chapels during the month of February, students learned about service. Mrs. Allie had fun games for the students to play each week, and we even had a special guest! Pastor Zach Stoner from Grace Pointe Church visited one week and taught on Matthew 6:1-4.

Aspects of service that students learned include:

  • Don’t let your good deeds be admired by others
  • We were made to serve others with a humble heart
  • We are to show the love of Christ to everyone through service
  • Jesus’ example to us was to serve each other

Each week, our Lower School Chapel is streamed on Facebook Live for families to tune in! Be sure to like and follow us on Facebook so you’ll be notified each week of when Chapel begins!

Please enjoy the gallery below of photos from February Chapels!

Football and Self-Control

Lower School Chapel on January 30th focused on football and self-control! Chapel began with third grade leading students in worship. They did a such a great job!  Thank you, teachers and students! 

Sarah V from 6th grade served as our prayer warrior. Her favorite bible story is David and Goliath, she loves Goldfish crackers, reading is her favorite hobby, and she has a dog named Daisy. Teachers mentioned that Sarah has a sweet spirit that adds to the 6th grade class. 

Ally led us in a football-themed trivia game. Sixth grade student, Tyler, scored a touchdown by answering trivia questions. We were reminded of our month long study on self-control with a focus on Proverbs 25:28.

Check out this gallery from the Football and Self-Control chapel!

Written by Amanda Donaho.

Pastor Gladney Teaches Self-Control

This week’s prayer warrior for January 23 Chapel was Brock from Mrs. John’s 6th grade homeroom. His favorite color is purple and he loves Milky Way candy bars. More importantly, he is a leader and comes to class ready to learn. 

Pastor Gladney helped to teach us more about self-control. We learned that:

  1. Doing what you should can keep you safe.
  2. Think before you lose your temper. 
  3. Choose your words carefully. 
  4. Know when to stop. 

This is why David defeated Goliath. He had a covenant with God and he did what had to be done. Self-control teaches you to be quiet and listen to God. 

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Written by Amanda Donaho.

Nerf Bible Jeopardy

Hudson in Mrs. Dunn’s 1st grade was our prayer warrior for Chapel on January 16, 2019. We learned that he loves m&m’s and has a new kitten. He lights up the classroom and loves his friends. Thank you, Hudson, for being a positive example for others each day. 
Adam’s Road helped lead our chapel and brought a copy of their new cd for each student. They lead us in worship and shared messages of Christ’s love for us. To wrap up, they hosted the first ever Nerf Bible Jeopardy! The kids loved it and they brushed up on their Bible trivia in the process. Be sure to ask your student how to play this fun new game!
Thank you, Adam’s Road, for sharing with us Christ’s love and showing us fun ways to learn about the Bible!  
Enjoy the photo gallery of Adam’s Road’s visit to Lower School Chapel below.

Students Learn More About Cooperation

Chapel November 14th introduced our new theme for month: Cooperation! 

Chapel worship was led by our amazing Upper School praise team. Thank you to Mr. Goff for bringing them over. It is such a joy and our students love it! 


This week’s Prayer Warrior, Noah, prays over the Chapel service.

Our prayer warrior for the week is Noah in Ms. Jenkins class.  We learned that Noah has a miniature poodle named muffin and loves Swedish Fish. He also loves God and this shines through in class.

To start our new theme “Cooperation” we had guest speakers Jade and Caleb from Mosaic with us.  The helped students understand the true meaning of cooperation which is working together to do more than you can do alone. Putting God in the center of everything is always the best!

“Two people are better than one. They can help each other in everything they do.” Ecclesiastes 4:9 NlV

Written by Amanda Donaho.

A Chapel Focused on Freedom

focused on Freedom

Pastor Ron took a “selfie” with our students!

Lower School Chapel on November 7th focused on Freedom. Our amazing choir helped us honor our Veterans with songs and pledges. It was a wonderful time of honoring those who gave so much. 

This week’s prayer warrior was Samantha from Mrs. Jacques class. She has one dog, one fish and loves to read. She is new to FA this year, and we are so happy she is here!

Ron Camblin, executive pastor of Lifebridge Church, presented our message today. We learned that the gospel gives us freedom to share the love of Jesus with others.  Be courageous in who you are! 

Written by Amanda Donaho. 

What can a Game Show teach about Contentment?

October 31st Chapel was full of instruments!  Our High School band visited our campus and shared their halftime music.  Our students loved listening and dancing along. Many of them expressed excitement for being a part of band in the future. 

Game Show Chapel Teaches Contentment

Mrs. Alley is assisted by Reagan and Oscar.

Our prayer warrior for the week is Abigail from Mrs. Markham’s 4th grade class.  We learned that she has a cat named Spooky and is a strong leader in her class.  She led us in a beautiful prayer to begin our weekly lesson. 

Alley helped to wrap up our monthly theme on Contentment.  The children learned about Moses leading the Israelites out of slavery.  When the Israelites showed discontentment, Moses continued to serve God faithfully.  Reagan and Oscar from 5th grade helped with the game show activity where we learned quite a few facts about Florida!  We learned that people on game shows can have similar reactions to the Israelites being rescued.  Many contestants on a game show keep reaching for more after winning a big prize because they were not content with what they had.  The Israelites kept reaching for more after this huge miracle from God.

Written by Amanda Donaho.

Chapel Celebrates Pastor Appreciation

To celebrate Pastor Appreciation, many local pastors attended chapel with their students. It was a wonderful time of worship and our choir did a fantastic job of leading the songs. The pastors even enjoyed participating in the song “Father Abraham”!
Our prayer warrior for the week is Leah from Mrs. Helton’s 4th grade class.  We learned that she loves dogs, tennis and reading.  She has a quiet gentle demeanor that puts others at peace. Thank you, Leah, for being a leader at FA. 
Pastor Ken Mann delivered our messaged on encouragement.  He helped to lead a ‘noise race’ with Pastor David and Pastor Rich! The students really enjoyed this activity.  They were able to see how encouragement can lead people on to positive things.

Written by Amanda Donaho.

Pastor Appreciation

Thank you to our pastors who attended Pastor Appreciation! We are so thankful for your leadership in the community!


Students Continue Learning About Contentment

Chapel October 17th at the Lower School was yet another time of special worship with students. 4th grade led in the Chapel songs, and they did a fantastic job! They led the students with hand motions for each song. Everyone enjoyed participating with the 4th grade classes. 

Contentment Chapel

This week’s Prayer Warrior, Riley, being interviewed by Mrs. Whitehead before she prays.

Our prayer warrior was Riley from Mrs. Morrill’s 5th grade class. We learned that she loves skittles, the color turquoise, and softball. Her softball team won the State Championship this year!

Pastor Zach Hardy (also known by our students as “Mrs. Hardy’s husband”) spoke to the students about Contentment. He illustrated Contentment with a game. Students were given candy, and they were given two options: (1) They could be content with what they had, or (2) They could take a risk and get more, but possibly lose it all. 

The same is with Contentment. We can either be content with what we have, or we can risk everything by trying to get more. In risking everything so that we can have more, we can end up losing everything instead. 

Please enjoy the gallery below of October 17th Chapel.

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