Adam's Road at Chapel

Adam’s Road at Chapel

Adam’s Road Ministry shared with our Lower School students yesterday in Chapel! Adam’s Road has been traveling and sharing their music and testimony for a decade now. They live in Winter Garden and have children in our Lower School. So far, they have traveled across 40 states and 5 Canadian provinces to share their ministry!

The team brought a treat bag for every student that contained their latest CD, a “Jesus Is Enough” bracelet, and a ticket to win a t-shirt. (They gave away a dozen t-shirts!) Not only did they share music and testimony, but the ministry performed an interactive skit with the students about Lazarus. Plus, the students enjoyed a sweet treat from Adam’s Road at the end of the school day. We LOVE Adam’s Road at FA!

Chapel and Christmas Surprises

We had so much fun in our Lower School Chapel this week! Our 1st graders performed “Christmas by the Beachside” wearing sunglasses, and School President Dave Buckles surprised everyone by coming on stage in his bright red Christmas suit!

Our Music Crew led worship using their ukuleles and singing “10,000 Reasons” and “The First Noel.” It was a beautiful time of acoustic worship with 300+ people singing together in the sanctuary. We then had the privilege of hearing from Deb Terry of First Baptist Church of Winter Garden who continued our theme of generosity by teaching about the Parable of the Rich Fool (Luke 12:13-21). Mrs. Terry used an object lesson where she had many toys and showed how giving is the very best option. (Click for video!)

We loved our Chapel time and the encouragement to be generous this Christmas season and beyond!

A Generous December

Lower School Chapel started off with 3rd grade Prayer Warrior Aiden, followed by the 5th grade choir under the direction of Mrs. Winningham! They sang two specials they’ve been preparing for the Christmas season and then asked the entire school to join them in our Chapel theme song, “The Lion and the Lamb.” 

After our worship time, Pastor Stephen from FBCWG took the stage as our guest speaker and introduced our December theme: generosity. Since it’s too hot in Central Florida for snow, Pastor Stephen created Florida snowballs out of white scrap papers. In this short video clip, Pastor Stephen did a one-minute “Generosity Competition” to see which team was the most generous (successful) at giving away all of their Florida snowballs. The team that gave away the most snowballs (emptied their paper balls into other bins) received a prize!

Through this illustration, Pastor Stephen showed how not all giving is generous. When your motive to give is really to get something in return, you aren’t experiencing true generosity. That is giving for selfish reasons or, in this case, to get a prize. True generosity is making someone’s day by giving something away without expecting anything in return. 

To wrap things up, Pastor Stephen taught from 1 John 4:9-10. “Here is how God showed his love among us. He sent his one and only Son into the world. He sent him so we could receive life through him. Here is what love is. It is not that we loved God. It is that he loved us and sent his Son to give his life to pay for our sins.” Jesus is the ultimate gift. He gave His life willingly and rose again because He loves us and wants us to receive eternal life through Him by trusting Him to be our personal Savior. There is nothing we can do to pay Him back for paying the ultimate price–His life. But we can choose to be generous and give to others because He chose to give so much to us.

We loved learning about true generosity together this week, and encourage each other to look for opportunities to be generous during this Christmas season!

Written by Debra Winningham

A Shoebox Celebration Chapel

This week in our Lower School Chapel we celebrated the shoeboxes collected during our New Missions Shoebox Drive! All the shoeboxes were brought on stage to be prayed over before they are shipped to children in New Missions’ schools in Haiti. (Click here to see students bringing their boxes to Chapel!) We collected over 300 boxes and some are still coming in! 

Mrs. Winningham asked our guest speaker, Pastor Ryan Rouse from FBC of Winter Garden, to specifically pray for the families and children receiving the boxes we are sending. It was so fitting for Pastor Ryan to pray because he served as a missionary in Haiti for three years. 

After prayer time, the 6th grade Music Crew led a two-song worship set. The students, under the direction of Mrs. Winningham, chose the song “Mary, Did You Know?” and led it in the style of Pentatonix. Andrew (6th) stepped forward to share in his own words the true meaning of the song, and the entire audience was encouraged to join in worship by singing along. 

Pastor Ryan then wrapped up our November Chapel theme of gratitude by teaching about the  lepers from Luke 17:11-19. We learned that as Jesus was traveling to Jerusalem he healed ten lepers. Only one showed gratitude to Jesus by taking the time to say, “Thank you!” to Jesus for healing him. Pastor Ryan asked us to think about what kind of person we are. Are we thankful for everything–even the little things–or do we forget to say “thank you” and take things for granted? 

He reminded us that every good and perfect gift is from God (James 1:16). Do we thank God for everything? Even things like our toothbrushes? Watch this video clip to see Pastor Ryan’s last illustration, with the help of Joel (6th)!

We so enjoyed our gratitude-filled month of November Chapels and look forward to celebrating the Christmas season together as a school family!

Written by Debra Winningham

New Missions & Chapel

Chapel at the Lower School this week started with Prayer Warrior Alivia (3rd) followed by a three-song worship set led by the talented Elementary Drama afterschool program students.

After worship, Pastor Will introduced our guest speaker Tim DeTellis, the President of New Missions. Pastor Will invited our guest to sit in the hot seat, but Mr. DeTellis hesitated (pretending it was really hot) and had several students make sure he wouldn’t get too hot if he sat in it. There was plenty of laughter in the room as the kids played along!

During their interview, we learned so much about New Missions’ ministry in Haiti and why our shoebox drive makes such a difference in the lives of children and their families. Mr. DeTellis encouraged us to specifically pray that God would do a spiritual work in the lives of the children who receive our shoeboxes. He also expressed the fulfillment he feels in empowering the people of Haiti to reach their people with God’s love. (See their interview by clicking here!)

After Mr. DeTellis shared his heart, Pastor Tim Grosshans prayed over Mr. DeTellis and the New Missions ministry in Haiti. On November 29th, we will have a special time of prayer over all the shoeboxes we are sending to Haiti so remember to fill your box and bring it on or before that Wednesday. Maybe you could even shop together as a family for shoebox items over Thanksgiving break!

We truly hope your family has a thanks-filled time next week, and we look forward to coming back together the week of November 27th. Happy Thanksgiving!

Written by Debra Winningham

A Thanks-Filled Chapel!

This week at our Lower School Chapel we celebrated collecting 573 pairs of socks during our Socktober sock drive! These socks are going to Orlo Vista Elementary School in Pine Hills–a school that was hit especially hard by Hurricane Irma. After hearing this good news from Mrs. Reynolds, the Praise Band 2 from our Upper School led us in three songs of worship–one of which included hand motions! (Click for video!)

As we continued our November theme of gratitude, Pastor Will Blaine taught about the Parable of the Vineyard Workers found in Matthew 20:1-15. (Click for video!) It was hilarious to watch the students he brought on stage pretending they were vineyard workers as Pastor Will unpacked the parable for us. Through the story, we learned to “Give thanks no matter what happens. God wants you to thank Him because you believe in Christ Jesus.” (1 Thessalonians 5:18, NIrV)

Sometimes we need to adjust our attitude and avoid comparing ourselves, or what we have, to the situations of others in our lives. We can focus on thanking God for the big things He’s given us, but especially for all the little things we sometimes fail to recognize. We are definitely thankful for our weekly Chapel with Pastor Will and look forward to next week together!

Written by Debra Winningham

November Chapel Begins!

November is here, which means a new topic for a Lower School Chapel! Tristen (6th) started our first November Chapel by playing the NewsBoys song “Your Love Never Fails” on the piano. And after Lexie (4th) prayed for our time together, the new Music Crew led us in some silly songs and then our Chapel theme song “The Lion and the Lamb” and another favorite called “God Is For Me.” 

After worship, Pastor Will introduced our November topic: GRATITUDE–letting others know you see how they’ve helped you. He brought students on stage to draw something from his box of items and then discussed whether or not we could somehow be thankful for the items. It was fun to hear the reaction of one student who pulled out an empty Coke can. He was disappointed, but Pastor Will pointed out ways we can repurpose that empty can (in artwork or recycle it) and find gratitude in our hearts for it. He shared that 1 Thessalonians 5:18 tells us to “Give thanks no matter what happens. God wants you to thank him because you believe in Christ Jesus.”

Have you ever paused to think about everything God has done for you? He created a planet that’s perfectly suited for otters, elephants, fish, and YOU!  Then, He sent His son Jesus to that planet to die and be raised to life so He could redeem you. When you know what God has done for you, you can be thankful always. Celebrate what God has done!

And remember that we’ve started our New Mission Christmas Shoebox Drive! Information was sent home with your child and shoeboxes were made available in the dismissal carline. If you didn’t pick up a box but would still like to get one, we have some available in the front office for your convenience. We hope you’ll partner in this tangible way to share God’s love this Christmas season!

Written by Debra Winningham

Pastor Appreciation Chapel

This week’s Chapel at the Lower School gave our school a unique opportunity to appreciate pastors in our community! Students invited their pastor(s) to come for a special breakfast and then join us for Chapel. And roughly 30 pastors from the community were able to attend!

Jason (5th) opened us in prayer after the 5th grade choir did a song about the United States.  They also led everyone in the lyrics and motions to our theme song for the year, “The Lion and the Lamb.”  The 6th grade ukulele Music Crew then wrapped up our worship time with “10,000 Reasons.” 

After worship, our very own Pastor Will led an entertaining time of questioning as each pastor sat in the “hot seat” and answered a question asked by a 6th grade student. This gave us the chance to learn so many fun things about our local pastors! The chapel time concluded with a pastor appreciation video and our entire school joining Pastor Will as we lifted our hands in prayer for the pastors. We truly are thankful for our community pastors and enjoyed showing them just how thankful we are to have them as part of the Foundation family!

Written by Debra Winningham

Treasures and Stewardship

Chapel at the Lower School started off with our Prayer Warrior, Abby (4th), focusing our hearts on the Lord through prayer. Then students, teachers, and a parent led everyone in a fun favorite, “Father Abraham,” followed by three other worship songs. 

As we continue with our month’s theme of stewardship, Pastor Will reminded us to take care of the stuff we have because it all belongs to God. He illustrated this by filling bags with stuff that means something to him. He then invited six students on stage to help discover what the bags contained. They discovered the bags all held things with significant value to Pastor Will. He takes care of these items because each one means something to him. When Pastor Will shares his valuables with others, he wants them to take care and be good stewards of his stuff. 

He closed his message with the Parable of the Talents, found in Matthew 25:14-30. (Click here to see Pastor Will’s teaching!) The story taught us that since everything belongs to God, we need to use our stuff wisely. In this way, we can be good stewards.

We look forward to learning more together about stewardship next week!

Written by Debra Winningham

Chapel and Candy Corn

Chapel at the Lower School this week started with Lillian (4th) leading us in prayer and a special visit from the Upper School FA Praise Band 2! Under the direction of Mr. Goff, the praise band led a three-song worship set, including our Chapel theme song: “The Lion and the Lamb.” (Click here for video!) As we sang, we did our worship movements to the lyrics and all worshiped our great God together.

Our guest speaker today, Pastor Ryan Rouse from FBCWG, then started his teaching time. He used a little mason jar filled with candy corn to illustrate our lives, full with everything God has given us.  When we open up our lives (the little jar) to use the things God has given us, we need to focus on how He would have us use our gifts. Pastor Rouse asked students in the audience to name some things God had given them, and the students replied with answers like “my brother,” “my bed,” “pets,” “life,” “my mom and dad,” “His Son,” and “food.” Other examples might be time, things, money, and His love.

Pastor Ryan taught that if we focus on using these gifts from God just on ourselves, it’s like pouring the candy corn onto the ground. Eventually we run out of those things, and may not find the strength we need to replenish, because we are relying on ourselves instead of focusing on God’s plan. Then Pastor Ryan brought out a humongous glass jar, full of hundreds of pieces of candy corn as an illustration of God’s unlimited supply of everything we need. We get replenished when we remember to keep Him first and use His gifts for God rather than only on ourselves.

For us to be good stewards of what God has given, we need to spend our resources on the things that matter to God’s heart! He never turns His back on us. He will fill us back up and will continually pour back into our lives when we seek to put Him first. Start your day focused on God before you do anything else. Talk to God. Read His Word and commit your day to Him first thing in the morning. That time will be well spent!

Thank you, Pastor Ryan, for teaching us more on our October theme of stewardship! We look forward to more Chapel time together next week!

Written by Debra Winningham

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