Silent Auction Adventure Outing

Silent Auction Adventure Outing

Foundation Academy Silent Auction Adventure OutingLast month, Chase R. and Austin T. experienced another Adventure Outing with Mrs. Whitehead and Mrs. Reynolds for the 3rd year in a row. The adventure began with lunch at Chick-Fil-A, then an intense putting competition at the Orlando Putting Edge with 18 holes on a brilliantly colored undersea black light course. After all that fun they headed over to Jeremiah’s Italian Ice for a refreshing and flavorful treat. The Adventure Outing with Mrs. Whitehead and Mrs. Reynolds is always a fan-favorite silent auction item at our annual Fall Festival!

First Coffee With Pastor Ken A Hit!

Our first Coffee with Pastor Ken was on Wednesday, March 25, and was well received by all in attendance.  He shared memorable analogies on “Perspective” as well as some great advice on including our teens in the decision making process as we parent with intention.  We look forward to continuing this series with Pastor Ken on navigating the teen years.  The next coffee will be held Wednesday, April 24. You can RSVP by clicking here! We hope to see you then!

Foundation Academy Parent Coffee with Pastor Ken

2019 Legacy Golf Tournament Photo Gallery

The 9th Annual Legacy Golf Tournament took place on March 25, 2019, at West Orange Country Club. The weather was perfect for a day of golf! Many laughs were had on the famous ‘skirt hole’ where golfers can purchase the opportunity to hit from the ladies’ tee, but must wear a skirt to do so.  Great fun! Everyone had a wonderful time on the green, and are already anticipating next year’s tournament! Thank you to all of our sponsors, and to our amazing group of volunteers. Enjoy the gallery below of photos submitted from the event.

Community Helper Visits First Grade

Community Helper Visits First Grade – March 25, 2019

First Grade just finished learning about bones and are now starting a unit on Community Helpers. Dr. Mike McCleary, from Orlando Orthopaedic Center, visited Foundation Academy to teach the students about his job as a community helper.  He talked about what bones are, muscles and joints, how bones protect, and healthy bones and muscles.  We also learned what happens if a bones breaks. The students even got to see Dr. McCleary put a cast on a student! 

Thank you, Dr. McCleary, for coming to our first grade class to teach us about your job as a community helper! Enjoy some photos of his visit below.

Students Learn About Upper Campus Expansion

With the announcement of expansion during the 2019 State of the Academy, many students were wondering what that was going to look like for them. During the month of February, Mr. Buckles, President of Foundation Academy, joined with Upper School faculty to find the best way to help our students learn about the Upper Campus Expansion. 

Mr. Buckles spent several days visiting all of the science classes in order to reach as many students as possible. He explained the planned expansion to the students, breaking down the steps from idea to final product. Students were intrigued by the design and permitting processes, environmental studies, and approval meetings that all have to happen before Foundation Academy even breaks ground! Foundation Academy Upper Campus Expansion

For our high school students, Mr. Buckles was able to help them understand the process by relating it to them preparing for college. First, you have an idea of what you want to do. Second, you search for the college that will give you the right schooling. Third, you see what is necessary to apply for your desired schools and take tests to help your chances. Fourth, you take the test scores and your transcript and apply to your chosen colleges. You wait to be accepted. After receiving an acceptance letter, going through orientation, and signing up for classes, you are finally able to step foot on a college campus for your first day of classes. The expansion planning process is very similar. 

When explained in this way, Mr. Buckles mentioned how it was like a “light bulb went off” to the students. They began to ask more questions. Mr. Buckles loved being able to interact with the students in this way. During the question-answer portions, Mr. Buckles joked with the students that those who engaged would be treated to lunch. At least the students thought it was a joke. At the end of March, Mr. Buckles surprised those students with lunch in the Upper Campus conference room! 

Thank you, Mr. Buckles, for taking time to connect with our students in this way. Please enjoy the photo gallery below of Mr. Buckles’ talks with the students, and the “VIP Lunch” group!

6th Grade Visits the Kennedy Space Center

Foundation Academy 6th Grade Kennedy Space Center

Students Chase, Jacob, and Jaden build a rover during a STEM activity. Their rover went furthest when tested on the ramp!

Monday, March 18, Foundation Academy 6th Grade visited the Kennedy Space Center! Our 6th graders have really enjoyed the focus on earth and space science this year, and were very excited to for this field trip. Mrs. Waters, one of our 6th grade instructors, commented “It was so inspiring watching them [at Kennedy Space Center] engage in the STEM challenge, connect with the Apollo missions, and internalize the work ethic and perseverance message from the astronaut.” 

One of our parent chaperones also had this to say of the visit: “[The 6th grade] field trip to Kennedy space Center was very well organized, executed and FUN! I overheard the group of four girls that I walked with commenting about how much they learned, saw and experienced – how ideal for these students! 
We have been on a school sponsored field trip to KSC before and this by far exceeded it! It was a great STEM experience and I as a parent am appreciative of the time and work that went into making it a reality, thank you to you and your teachers.”

Thank you to Kennedy Space Center for hosting our 6th graders for the day, and giving them an unforgettable experience! Check out the gallery below of images from the day!

Students Receive Recognition at Winter Park Art Festival

On March 16 – 17, our Upper School Art students participated in the 2019 Winter Park Art Festival. Over a dozen other area schools also submitted artwork for the Festival, and two of our students received ribbons! Congratulations to Ella K and Erika K, who won ribbons in this prestigious event. Their winning pieces can be seen below.

Many of the pieces submitted have been seen on our Featured Artwork page this past school year. Be sure to check that out each month for new pieces that our students have completed! 

Foundation Academy 2019 Winter Park Art Festival

Oil Pastel by Ella K, 9th Grade

Foundation Academy 2019 Winter Park Art Festival

Acrylic by Erika K, 7th Grade

Here is the full list of participants from Foundation Academy for the 2019 Winter Park Art Festival:

Joy G – 10th
Morgan L – 12th
Isabelle B – 11th
Fatima E – 11th
Johann C – 9th
Olivia Y – 7th
Erin H – 12th
Kaylee C – 11th
Davi S – 11th
Bowman B – 10th
Hailey N – 11th
Landon B – 10th
Gabe N – 12th
Jessica W – 8th
Erika K – 7th
Anna Grace W – 12th
Isabella N – 8th
Kaitlyn C – 8th
Melanie A – 7th
Leif W – 8th
Donna B – 7th
Matilda H – 7th
Faith F – 7th
Delany N – 7th
Andrew R – 11th
Chris F – 12th
Emily N – 9th
Chai C – 11th
Cullen V – 11th
Ella K – 9th

2019 Father-Daughter Dance

On March 8, Foundation Academy hosted a Masquerade Ball for the 2019 Father-Daughter Dance! Coordinated by PAWS, fathers and daughters from the Lower School gathered at Tanner Hall for an evening of fun, food and dancing. Everyone brought a mask, and enjoyed showing them off to one another. With a DJ mixing tunes, a photo booth with great props and a fairy hair station, there was lots to do and see.

It was a huge success, and no one wanted the night to end. Thank you, PAWS, for making this special night happen for our fathers and daughters. 

One of our Upper School students, Isabelle B, captured some beautiful images of the evening. Click here for her photo gallery! Also, enjoy more photos that were collected below!

Students Receive High Ratings at ACSI Choral Festival

At the beginning of March, our Upper School Choir students participated in the 2019 ACSI Choral Festival. Students prepared pieces to be sung in front of a panel of judges. Most students who participated received a Superior rating, which is the highest available! 

Read below for the list of how our students did!

Superior Ratings

Vivian L (10th) – solo
Kayla B (10th) – Solo
Julia V (11th) – solo
Mackenzie G (8th) – solo
Gabriela B (11th) – solo
Ellie Jane J (9th) & Islanda R (10th) – Duet
Kayla B (10th), Vivian L (10th), & Gabriela B (11th) – trio

Excellent Ratings

Jennifer G (9th) – solo
Felipe F (12th) & Ben S (12th) – Duet
FA Upper School School (7th – 12th) – Choir

ASL Field Trip to Florida School for the Deaf and the Blind

On February 7th, a group of our American Sign Language (ASL) students took a field trip the Florida School for the Deaf and the Blind, located in St. Augustine, Florida. Our students received a tour of the school, seeing the dorms and some of student common spaces. The group visited several Deaf classes and were able to have conversations with the students. Mrs. David, our ASL Instructor, mentioned, “I think one of the most popular things we got to do is play at recess with the Deaf children. Our students got to apply the skills that they have been learning all year.”

The group also visited the Blind Library, having the opportunity to see and touch books in Braille. They visited the Museum at the campus, which showcases the history of the school. There is also a store on campus that is run by the Deaf and Blind students. They do their own printing of t-shirts and other items in-shop, so our group got to watch the printing process while in the store!

Here is what several students had to say about their experience:

“I believe that was one of the best field trips I have ever been on, because I think watching everyone interact with one another was so intriguing.”  -Megan K, 11th Grade

“When I went there I thought that it was going to be really quiet and awkward, but they talked partially and it was really nice. The girl who I talked to almost the whole time was super sweet and she helped me out with my sign language.
The classrooms and dorms were a sight to see. They changed my perspective of how I live my life. My life is a lot easier than theirs. We take advantage of day to day life, where their day is always a struggle. We all have such easy lives, yes we all deal with things like fights with friends, a divorce of parents, deaths, etc. but that is nothing compared to living life without being able to hear.” -Sarah F, 9th Grade

“Personally, my favorite part of the trip was playing with the kids at recess. I did not realize how touchy they are. I was not used to kids touching me and being all over me. I was a little bit uncomfortable at first because I was not ready for all those hands. They pulled me and Makenzie into an open field and we got to play tag with them. It was kind of hard to sign with them because they are much better and faster than us. I was able to communicate some simple things with them like my name, ask “who is ‘it'”, and some other simple questions. They are normal kids.” -Cecilia F, 9th Grade

“The trip exceeded my expectations immensely, and I can’t wait to have the opportunity to go back in the future. This experience has definitely given me the motivation to continue ASL at a higher level in the future.” – Juliana W, 10th Grade

“During the recess was my favorite part. I had a lot of practice signing with the kids, and I could tell that made them so happy to have someone else who knew some sign language. I got to play with one little girl for most of the recess. I was happy that I knew some signs, because I was able to ask her if she wanted to play hide-in-seek or tag.” – Payton W, 9th Grade

Thank you, Mrs. David, for coordinating this yearly trip for our ASL students. It is always an eye-opening experience, and a magnificent way for them to apply their skills in the language!

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