Clubs & Organizations

Extracurricular Activities

In addition to many athletic and fine arts options, Foundation Academy is pleased to offer numerous opportunities for students to get involved and pursue other interests outside of the school day. There are various clubs, organizations, societies and activities for the students to consider, from student government to drama club and nearly everything in between!

Christians in Service

Christians in Service is a club where students organize different events to help the community. For example, food drives, Haiti shoe box drive, letters to military and nursing homes. It’s an opportunity for students to serve as Jesus served us.

Sponsors are Mrs. Linda Linda Schefstad with Mrs. Lee Anne Smith

Christians Dance Team

Sponsored by Mrs. Lyndsay East

Cornhole Club

The Cornhole Club has been a huge hit since it’s inception. They meet 1-2 times per week to sling bean bags in the great outdoors. The Cornhole Club is open to our Juniors and Seniors.

Sponsored by Mr. Darrel Davis

Debate Team

Within Debate/Philosophy club we attempt to identify topics that involve ethical dilemmas, differing opinions, and or current events that are either openly or formally discussed. By doing this we both refine our own beliefs by hearing differing opinions, while also promoting critical thinking and logic/reasoning skills.

Sponsored by Mr. Mike Brown

Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA)

Fellowship of Christian Athletes: Our goal is to impact our campus for Christ through the influence of athletes and coaches. We also want to help athletes grow and mature as young men and women of God who honor Christ in sports and in their lives as a whole. Athletics creates a unique bond between teammates, which allows us to have deep conversations with others. We want to make it a priority to talk about Christ in those conversations, start team Bible studies, etc. FCA meetings are called “Huddles” and they are open to all student athletes at FA. We typically will have an opening game, and then we will have someone share their testimony or a short devotional (sometimes these are students, sometimes outside speakers, coaches, etc.).

Sponsored by Mr. Nate Hughes

Lions Club

LIONS Club (Leaders Involved Offering Necessary Service) is not just part of a school club; they are serving a ministry that provides a fun, safe and loving environment to the youngest children who come each week to learn about the love of Jesus at our satellite campus, Foundation Worship. LIONS Club members serve the church on Fridays after school by setting up classrooms for preschool church service that takes place on Sundays.

Sponsored by Meredith Leiferman

National Honor Society (NHS)

National Honor Society. NHS presently has 75-80 members starting in August 2020.

Sponsored by Mr. James Campbell and Ms. Courtney Habermann

National Art Honors Society (NAHS)

Students of all ages benefit from comprehensive, balanced, and sequential learning in the visual arts, led and taught by qualified teachers who are certified in art education. Art educators meet ethical and rigorous standards of excellence in preservice preparation, ongoing professional development, pedagogy, and inquiry in the field.

Sponsor is Mrs. Janelle Belle-Martin

National Junior Honor Society

National Junior Honor Society recognizes students in grades 7-9 who display high academic achievement and outstanding character development.

Sponsored by Mrs. Lyndsay East

Student Leadership Institute

SLi is Student Leadership Institute engaging students and providing them campus opportunities to lead and serve. They are surrounded by sponsors and adults that pour into them and encourage them in their servant leadership. SGA is Student Government Association which is part of SLi. SGA is made up of students elected by their peers following campaigning. These students plan and run many student events on campus. SGA is responsible for homecoming and prom as well as more minor events and fundraisers.

Weekly meetings to convey leadership principles and contribute to the culture of FA through a spiritually grounded focus of the Word of God. Ultimately the desire is to raise up young men and women to influence the world for the Kingdom.

Sponsor is Mr. Keith Yarborough

Tri-Music Honor Society

This National Association for Music Education (NAfME) program recognizes students for their academic and musical achievements, rewards them for their accomplishments and service activities, and inspires other students to excel at music and leadership.

Sponsor is Ms. Laurlyn Smith


Yearbook class covers three main topics: journalism, photography, and layout/design.  However, the skills necessary to produce a yearbook are lifelong skills that are not always covered in a traditional class.  For example, students learn leadership skills, collaboration, creativity, advertising skills, and much more.  Students also figure out how to meet deadlines despite numerous obstacles.  They solve problems on a daily basis, and they learn how to trust each other to help out when needed.  We also celebrate our successes.  Our yearbook has won the National Program for Excellence in Yearbook for the past 3 years! The yearbook at FA is completely student-driven.  The students own the work, and, as an adviser, I simply facilitate.  So, if you’d like to be part of an award winning team, and create a product that leaves a legacy, then you really need to join yearbook at FA.  

Sponsor is Mrs. Dawn Nash