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Social Media Accounts

Foundation Academy
Social Media Account Request

  • The account must be approved by Mrs. Reynolds.
  • The account must have a faculty/staff advisor to approve posts.
  • The advisor must have access to the account (username & password).
  • All posts should be approved by the advisor before posting.
  • Posts should reflect the Foundation Academy code of conduct in pictures and captions.
  • All posts should be relevant to the organization’s posting.
  • Upon graduation or completion of involvement in the activity, student access to the account must be deleted.

Social Media Account Request

Use this form to request a social media account for your sport, club, or activity. All accounts must have a faculty manager who will approve posts and moderate comments.

Name of Student Requesting Account(Required)
I understand and acknowledge that anything posted on this account is a reflection of Foundation Academy. All posts will be relevant to the organization it belongs to and will honor the FA Code of Conduct in both picture and language. I agree to have all posts approved by the supervising faculty member and to delete my access to the account upon graduation or completion of my involvement in said program.