Allyson Fagan is from Clermont/Minneola, Florida. Allyson has a Bachelor’s in Ministry from Palm Beach Atlantic University, a Master’s in History from Liberty University, and is currently working toward a Doctorate in History from Liberty University. Her favorite bible verses are Daniel 3:17-18, and 1 Thessalonians 2:8.

“I love learning more about the church, particularly in American history. My favorite time period to study is 1920 to 1939 by looking deeper at the Great Depression into World War II. I also love going on adventures with my family, and I enjoy long distance running. I hope to not only instill an appreciation of knowing American History, but also encourage students to see God’s providence throughout time.

I was influenced by early mission trips I took in high school that sought to show Christ’s love in action by providing free medical clinics in impoverished countries. Through these experiences I was able to see how a professional shares the love of Christ both in speech and action. I then became heavily influenced by Louie Giglio’s message series titled “Indescribable.” I watched this prior to switching my major to Ministry so that I could learn to study the Bible more effectively, and stand on the truth that it is infallible and can be scientifically analyzed. As I finished my degree in Ministry, I had the privilege of participating in an archaeological dig in Tel Gezer, Israel that was led by one of my professors from PBA named Dr. Warner.”