Dave Buckles is the President of Foundation Academy. He holds an MBA in Business Administration from Capella University, an Associates in Divinity from the Baptist College of Florida, and an Associates in Construction from Seminole State College. Mr. Buckles is also an ordained minister. Since becoming president in 2015, the school has not only grown in attendance, but also in land as we have added a third campus. Mr. Buckles has led the efforts in completing the Master Development Plan for the Tilden Campus, which includes new classroom buildings, a sports field, and a fine arts center. Under Mr. Buckles leadership, Foundation Academy has turned into a premier educational institution. This year (2020) he was named one of Central Florida’s top CEO’s by Orlando Business Journal.

“I believe this platform will allow me to continue the ministry of sharing the Gospel in ways I never could have accomplished. I get to share the love of Christ day in and day out with both the students and their families. It doesn’t matter how many buildings we can build or how financially sound the school is. If we don’t create an environment of sharing the gospel and leading a child to CHRIST, then we are wasting our time”