Mary Beth Guernier is from Fort Lauderdale, Florida. She attended Rollins College and earned her B.A., San Francisco State University for her M.A., and earned her NILD-PCET. Mary Beth teaches Discovery, FIE, SEARCH & TEACH, and Rx for Reading at our Tilden and Plant Street Campuses. She is also a NILD-Host of the Southeastern training and conferences. She enjoys spending time with family and friends, traveling, playing tennis, baking, and volunteering. Mary Beth’s favorite Bible verse is Psalm 118:24. Her greatest influences have been Jesus, her parents, and Val Anthony, the Founder of the Sterne School in San Francisco.

“The goal of NILD Educational Therapy is to help students develop tools of independent learning in the classroom and in life. Students are trained to view themselves as competent, confident learners. During each of my sessions I strive to create an environment where students feel loved and valued.”