Florida Native Projects

In Fourth Grade, we learned about native tribes that lived here in Florida. They are the Apalachee, Tequesta, Tocobaga, and Timucua tribes. We learned what types of homes they built, such as the Calusa tribe, who built their homes near the water, and the homes were up on stilts in case of flooding. They also had no walls, so the breeze from the water could cool the space. We also learned that some tribes like the Timucua, built tall circular walls around their villages called a palisade for protection. We learned about how they hunted, gathered, fished, and farmed to get their food. After studying the culture and way of life for these tribes, students chose a tribe and made a replica of their village using what they had learned. Students proudly displayed their creations in the school’s halls while also presenting them to their class. The students loved showing off all the detail they added to their projects. Students were encouraged to use items found around their house and, if desired, craft items from the store. The student’s creativity when building their projects was amazing! This is a highlight for our 4th-grade students! 

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