“Flour Baby” Project Comes to FA

The Anatomy & Physiology classes recently conducted their “Flour Baby” Projects.  Each student created and was responsible for a 5 lb. “flour baby.” Students enjoyed using their creativity to fashion their babies and even gave them names. After they finished making their babies, students were required to carry the babies everywhere they went for seven straight days. 

During school hours, the flour babies were with the students at all times.  Outside of school, students were allowed to find babysitters if they had a commitment where they could not bring the babies with them (work, sports practice, etc.). The students researched how much it costs to buy newborn baby supplies and created a 24-hour timeline of all the responsibility and work that goes into caring for a baby.  They experienced a couple of “midnight feedings,” and several students chose to take their babies on outings in public. 

Even though these babies did not cry, need to have diapers changed, or require feeding, students felt the impact in their day-to-day lives. Students mentioned how they were made very aware of the stress that comes with having to carry, keep track of, and protect a baby at all times.

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