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Home School Athletic Participation


Home-schooled athletes who meet the following criteria are eligible to apply for participation in Foundation Academy athletics:

  1. Comply with the academic requirements set by the homeschooling authorities in the relevant jurisdiction.
  2. Maintain good academic standing, monitored by the athletic department approximately every four weeks.  Failure to provide grade reports will result in suspension from all athletic activities until records are received and reviewed by the athletic department.
  3. Exhibit a commitment to adhere to the values and principles of Foundation Academy.

As part of the application process, the applicant will meet with an Athletic Administrator and/or Tilden Principal.  The purpose of the interview is to assess the applicant’s athletic aspirations, commitment to Christian values, alignment with the school’s mission, and suitability for participation in Foundation Academy athletics.

Upon completion of the interview process and approval from Tilden Student Services, the Athletic Director will notify the applicant regarding their acceptance or denial of participation in Foundation Academy athletics.

Acceptance and Participation

Home-schooled athletes participating in Foundation Academy athletics will be required to pay a participation fee. However, to incentivize greater involvement in the school community, if at least half of the student’s academic classes are taken at Foundation Academy Virtual Learning (FAVL), the participation fee will be waived and the limits on roster will not apply.

All FA student athletes will be assigned to a roster (e.g. Varsity, Junior Varsity, or Middle School).  Home-school participation is limited, and the limits are published in the FA Student-Athlete handbook.  

Application Process

The following must be completed and submitted to the athletic office for consideration of a home schooled student to participate in athletics at Foundation Academy. Completion of these forms is not a guarantee of acceptance. The following steps should be completed before participation may be granted:

  1. Home School Athletic Participation Application Form completed.
  2. FHSAA EL7 Registration Form for Home Education Student to Participate in Athletics.
  3. FHSAA EL2 must be submitted to the Athletic office.
  4. FHSAA EL3 must be submitted to the Athletic office.
  5. FA Athlete Waiver must be submitted to the Athletic office.
  6. Foundation Academy Athlete Handbook must be read and agreed to, with agreement in form.
  7. Interview with the Athletic Director to determine if it is a good fit for both parties
  8. Upon approval, the annual home-school participation fee is $350 due as well as the per sport fee.
  9. Acceptance in the home school athletic program does not guarantee playing time
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