Lighting hdr

Lightning Alert Dismissal Permission

Dear FA Parents and Guardians,

At Foundation Academy, our students’ safety is our top priority. Due to Florida’s unpredictable weather, Foundation Academy has implemented the WeatherBug lightning alert system. In the event of lightning in the area, the school is placed under a lightning alert, in which case, students are not allowed to be outside for any reason until the lightning has passed. 

If you give permission to have your Tilden Campus student released to your custody under normal dismissal protocols during an active lightning alert, please complete and submit the form below. The completion of this form indicates that the parent/guardian is taking full responsibility for their child’s safety during inclement weather dismissal.

If you choose not to submit this form, your child will follow inside dismissal protocol and will remain inside where a parent/guardian may choose to sign out their student in the Tilden Campus front office at the parent/guardian’s sole discretion.

In the case of multiple children, a completed form is required for each child and will be kept on file as long as they remain enrolled at Foundation Academy.

Plant St. and Lakeside Students will follow inside dismissal protocol during an active lightning alert in which a parent/guardian must enter the building to sign out their student.

We appreciate your patience and understanding as we work to keep every student safe.