Lunch Menus

Lunch Menus

Welcome to SLA, our new Lunch vendor!  Below the menu links, please see important information about our new vendor.

SLA Lunch Cafeteria Hub and Menus

South Campus Menu & Payment (Upper School) Link
North Campus Menu & Payment (Lower School) Link

SLA Management is proud to announce the release of our new Cafeteria Hub. With this new tool, parents, students and staff will now have access to an upgraded version of your school’s menu, nutritional and allergy information, payment portal, and much more.

New Cafeteria Hub Features:
Digital Menus – Enhanced nutritional and allergen information for the current month and next month’s menus.
Lunch Payment Portal – Easy access to fund and track student and staff lunch accounts.
Harvest of the Month  – Introduces a new fruit or vegetable for the month, while focusing on the positive health benefits each provides.  Monthly recipe included.
Online Survey – Your input helps us improve, meet and exceed your expectations.
Resources – A place for parents and students to find out more about nutrition.
About SLA Management – Links to the SLA Website.

How much are meals? Pre-K – Kindergarten is $3.00, 1st – 2nd grade is $4.25, 3rd – 6th grade is $4.50, and 7th – 12th grade is $5.00. A la carte items vary.
What is the PIN number for (listed with each student’s name in account information)? A 5-digit PIN number is assigned to each student on creating their account. The PIN number is treated by SLA as a credit card number. Students use their PIN to make lunch purchases and ensure it is charged to the correct account; therefore, students are to protect their PIN number.
What if my student forgets their PIN number? If a student forgets their PIN, they may use their name to make a purchase. (Students on the North Campus are not required to memorize their PIN. Lunch orders are taken at the start of the day and recorded by their teacher.)
Can my student pay with cash? SLA has requested for all purchases to go through the students’ accounts so that there can be record of every purchase. Please avoid using cash as much as possible.
How do I see the Nutritional information on the online menu? – Hover your mouse over a menu item to see the nutritional label.
How do I see which Menu Items contain certain allergens? – Click on an allergen to the right of the menu: Milk, Eggs, Peanuts, Tree Nuts, Fish, Shellfish, Soy, and Wheat.  All menu items that contain the selected allergen will be highlighted yellow on the menu.

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