Mr. East Applies Showing Mercy

Upper School Chapel on November 8 revolved around the theme of showing mercy. After worship, Pastor Ken gave the definition of mercy. Mercy is showing compassion and forgiveness toward an individual who deserves punishment.

Pastor Ken invited our Assistant Principal, Mr. East, on to the stage to practically apply to the students how they can show mercy to one another. They talked to the students about a very prevalent subject in schools today: bullying. Mr. East helped to define what bullying is for our students. He reminded students of the rule “see something, say something” when they are going about their days. 

The way that mercy is practically applied to bullying is through forgiveness. If someone you know is a victim of bullying, it is important to say something to a caring adult. That caring adult then can take the necessary steps to get the one bullying the help they need. Mr. East reminded students that many time in a bully-scenario, the bully needs just as much help as the one they are bullying. Mercy is offering to help the bully, even though our flesh just wants to see them punished.

After Mr. East spoke to the students, Pastor Ken reminded them of the power of serving one another. Serving those older, serving those younger, and serving those who we think may not deserve it. He referenced the verses Ephesians 4:29 and 2 Timothy 1:7. 

This Chapel has been able to begin opening doors for students to talk about anything that might be bothering them. We encourage parents to use this as a beginner to a discussion with their family. Who do we need to show mercy toward today? Who do we need to serve today?

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