Solar Bears Visit Plant Street

Tuesday, October 22, Plant Street Campus received a visit from the Orlando Solar Bears! Several players from the team came and spent time reading some of their favorite books to them. Students also had the chance to ask the players questions about Hockey. 

5th grade, who will be attending the upcoming School Day game on November 5, had the chance to meet each player and receive autographs. Our students cannot wait to cheer on their new favorite team members at the game! 

We would like to send a special thank-you to the Orlando Solar Bears, who are always a pleasure to have visit Foundation Academy. Please enjoy the gallery below of photos from their visit! You can also click here to see pictures from the Orlando Sentinel.

IMG 7865
IMG 7897 1
IMG 7869
IMG 7859
IMG 7855
IMG 7813
IMG 7808
IMG 7802
IMG 7791
IMG 7790
IMG 7788