Spanish Students Visit Epcot

Spanish students visit Epcot! Our high school Spanish 3 and 4 classes kick off the Christmas season by visiting Disney Epcot Center. The purpose of this trip was to exposed the students to the Christmas activities around the World Showcase. It also was to provide an opportunity for the students to use their newly acquired Spanish language skills. At the Mexican pavilion, they had lunch at San Angel Inn. Their Spanish skills were also challenged with a scavenger hunt after lunch. The trip ended with a tour of Mexican artifacts and architecture from the Mayans and Aztecs civilizations.

Students came back commenting on how much the enjoyed the day. Thank you, Mrs. Peabody, for this creative way to expose students to Spanish culture! Please enjoy the gallery below of photos from the field trip.

Spanish Visits Epcot 1
Spanish Visits Epcot 12
Spanish Visits Epcot 13
Spanish Visits Epcot 19 1
Spanish Visits Epcot 15
Spanish Visits Epcot 16
Spanish Visits Epcot 21